We’re Hiring. (Really, We Are.)

By Steve Hendrix
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 4, 2009; Page B01

Health Care, Technology and Even Espionage Jobs Still Plentiful Amid the Gloom

Washington, DC is not recession-proof but there are still jobs available if you know where to look. Northrop Grumman will be hiring 4,000 people in this area this year.

…Amid the worst unemployment crisis in a generation, people are finding jobs in the Washington region, from therapists to receptionists to CIA agents. Even as temporary hiring freezes congeal into an employment ice age, the experts say there are hot spots, including health care, engineering, biotech, and software and network design.

And some of the hot spots will grow hotter, local hiring experts say. Stimulus spending will pump billions of dollars through government agencies and contractors in the area…

'We're one of the lucky ones to be in this area right now,' said Fred DiSalvo, director of staffing and recruitment at Northrop Grumman's Reston-based Information Systems division. The company plans to hire about 4,000 employees in the Washington region this year, largely in software development and network security. 'A lot of the new spending is going to be in real sweet spots for us, cyber security, health-information systems.'

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