Welcome to Our New Chapter Members

The following people joined or renewed their membership with the STC Washington, DC chapter between October 2008 and March 2009. We welcome you and encourage you to participate in our online communities, which include this website, twitter/stcwdc, our LinkedIn group, our Facebook group, and our chat list.

Joined, Renewed, or Transferred in October-December 2008
Lauaren Bell
Joseph Bury
Heather Compher
Jane Dudgeon
Margaret Gaynor
Tom Gorski
Rachel Gottlieb
Shelly Kahil
Amanda Meeker
Neal Miller
Patricia Myers
Kelly Myles
Caroline Small
Denise Timpko
Andrea Walter
Tarex Wiley
Joined, Renewed, or Transferred in January-March 2009
Eric Anest
Linda Budinski
Johnnye Cassell
Lori Cole
Janet Cook
Linda Duncan
Nancy Elliott
Jennifer Figgins
Katherine Fisher
Debra Graham
Keitha Harmon
John Hinson
Elizabeth Holena
John Hunter
Jaime Jarvis
Constance Kiernan
Sheila Lindsay-Johnson
David Maddrell
Sonia Palmer
Arthur Pease
Patricia Rader
Valerie Riedel
Anita Sharifi
Mary Jo Shapiro
Robert Simanski
Richell Slepetz
Caroline Small
Kristen West
Elizabeth Zubritsky

As of 31 March 2009, Total Washington, DC Chapter members: 504

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Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication. STC member since June 1979. Director at Large, Washington, DC - Baltimore chapter and webmaster. Past chapter president of the Washington, DC chapter (1998-1999 and 2000-2001).