Webinar: Words, Words, Words!

We and the STC Technical Editing SIG are proud to announce our next webinar, “Words, Words, Words: Controlling the Unnecessary Sprawl of Terminology.” Get more information: download a PDF of the event description and registration information. Register by clicking Sign up now! in the upper right corner of the Cvent Event Description page.

Although there are plenty of words in our language to choose from, our technical environments unconsciously encourage us to create new terms, abuse existing terms, and forget the basics of good technical communication. This presentation will describe why controlling technical terminology is so critical to our success, explain common terminology challenges that writers and editors face today, and discuss tools, tips, and tricks for how you can control the unnecessary sprawl of terminology.

Our speaker is Michelle Corbin. Michelle is an Associate Fellow of STC and was co-manager of the Technical Editing SIG in 2006 and 2007. She has been a technical communicator for 19 years, with the past 12 years being spent as a technical editor. She works at IBM as a technical editor and information architect on various software projects. She once held the role of “terminologist” for a large portfolio of products. One of her first assignments as a cooperative education intern at IBM was creating a glossary for a software library, and she’s been editing or creating glossaries ever since.

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