We Need Competition Committee Volunteers!

We are making plans for the WDCB 2016-2017 Technical Communication competition. We have a new competition manager, Richard Bogacz <email hidden; JavaScript is required>. Richard is looking for new volunteers who would like to help with this year’s competition.

The first position we need to fill is the entries manager, because we need to set up an entries mailing address for the opening announcement and flyers. Opening day will be 8 August 2016 and the deadline for entries is 21 October 2016.

Help Wanted graphic of hands in the airA list of all positions on the committee is at https://competition.stcwdc.org/competition-committee/

Committee positions to fill:

Entries Manager: https://competition.stcwdc.org/competition-committee/#ENTRY

Judging Manager: https://competition.stcwdc.org/competition-committee/#JUDMNGR

Recognitions Manager: https://competition.stcwdc.org/competition-committee/#RECMNGR

Awards Celebration Location Manager: https://competition.stcwdc.org/competition-committee/#BANQCOORD

Committee Meetings Location Manager: https://competition.stcwdc.org/competition-committee/#MTGS
(Make arrangements for the judge’s training and pickup meeting and for the consensus judging meeting.)

Be part of team—we need you!

To volunteer, send a message to email hidden; JavaScript is required or fill out the Volunteer Signup form at https://wdcb.stcwdc.org/about-us/volunteers/volunteer/

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