WDC Chapter’s New Partner: the National Museum of Crime & Punishment

Great News! The National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington, DC is a new partner with the STC Washington, DC Chapter.

National Museum of Crime and Punishment logo

Explore the technology and science behind solving crimes, discover the heroes of law enforcement, and venture into the dark side of the criminal mind. Described by Good Morning America as a "must see for CSI fans," the National Museum of Crime & Punishment includes a crime scene lab and the filming studios for America’s Most Wanted. A simulated FBI shooting range, virtual high-speed police-chase, John Dillinger's getaway car, Bonnie and Clyde's death car, and hundreds of interactive exhibits and artifacts pertaining to America's favorite subject fill the 3-floor, 25,000 square foot museum.

Keep your STC membership card handy. Chapter members receive several benefits from this partnership beginning on 1 October 2009:

  • Members and their guests receive a discount when visiting the museum: $14.00 instead of $19.95
  • FREE days for chapter members and guests (probably in December but not yet scheduled—announcements will be made about the free days in the blog, the annc list, our Facebook page, and the LinkedIn group.)
  • 10% discount in the gift shop
  • Access to special events/lectures, and book club meetings
  • The chapter has access to meeting/event space with a set minimum of 100. No rental space fees, which are about $3,500-$4,000. Instead, a small “per head” fee of $7.00-$10.00 depending on the duration of the event and date/time.

Follow the museum on Twitter at https://x.com/crimemuseum

Find out more about the museum at https://www.crimemuseum.org/ and watch the videos about some of the displays, CSI labs, and interactive exhibits.



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