Update for the Jobs Website: Local Job Announcements

The chapter's Jobs website gives you RSS links to various job listing websites and to resources for other ways to find a job. Every once-in-a-while an employer will send us a job announcement. We have usually redirected them to post their opening on the STC.org's Job Board. However, we still want to assist local employers and job seekers with finding a local opportunity / candidate. There is now a new page on the Jobs website for listing these local announcements: Local Job Announcements. While this page will list new jobs announcements sent to us, it only happens occasionally so your best place to look for a new job is in the RSS listings on the home page of the Jobs website. We will also post a notice on the Events & News website to alert you to the new announcement. On the Jobs website's home page, look for the link to the page under the "Exclusive Announcements" heading.

Update for the current job announcement

The latest job: “Job Opportunity with The Associated Press: All Experience Levels Considered” has a new deadline for applying for the job: 5 May, 11:59 p.m.

Employers and recruiters may send us their local job openings following the instructions at the bottom of the page.

How do I send you a job announcement?
Send an email message to the Website Team Assistant , Maeve Wiegand, at website team assistent with the following information:

  • Company Name and Website.
  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Job Type (fill time, half time, telecommute, onsite or offsite contract, etc.)
  • Contract Duration, if any
  • Job Location City, State, Zip-Code,
  • Salary Range
  • Experience Level
  • Security Clearance Needed
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Job Requirements
  • About the Hiring Company (brief info about the company the job is for–not the recruiting agency)
  • How to Apply
  • Apply by Date
  • URL for applying online

If we have questions:

  • Your Contact Name
  • Your Contact Phone Number
  • Your Contact Email
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