UPA-DC Event on June 24: iPhone Ergonomics and Designing for a Dynamic Form Factor

This talk will discuss ergonomic concerns related to the iPhone application design and enumerate the various contexts where applications are typically used. Assuming the NDA is lifted following WWDC, details about the 3.0 release of the iPhone OS and its implications on emerging classes of iPhone applications will also be given.

The event will be held on June 24, 2009 (Wednesday) at SRA International, Inc., in Arlington, VA.
6 – 7 PM: Dinner at Cosi, for those who would like to join for dinner
7 – 9 PM: Presentation (Please arrive by 7 PM as building security requires escorts for all attendees)

For details about this organization, see User Experience Professionals' Association, DC Chapter (UXPA DC) on the Events from Related Organizations page.  Updated

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