Escaping Solitary Confinement: More Networking Tips for Freelancers, Work-at-Homers and Other Professionals

Speakers: Gabe Goldberg and Kristen King
Location: NRECA Conference Center Directions to the event:


* $15 for all
* FREE for full-time student guest of a paid attendee (student guest must register)

Join us for a night of networking tips from local successful freelancers Gabe Goldberg and Kristen King as they share advice on networking as a way to meet potential clients, employers, and colleagues, and as part of your overall marketing plan or career development strategy. In these economic times, every professional needs a broad network! Gabe and Kristen will offer tips for networking in person and online, including professional organizations, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Share your own networking strategies and experiences and practice your new skills in an evening of food, fun, and new friends.

How to Verify a Work-at-Home Jobs Web site is Valid

I discovered the Rat Race Rebellion site at today following a link on the Social Security Administration’s job information page. This video is a valuable lesson for telecommuters looking for work and surprisingly, the website they use as their case study is still live!

The video shows the executives page at and compares it with the executives page of a different company at webstar-inc, who have used the photos of the Opera executives for their fake executives.

Area Independents Unite!

Last night’s CIC SIG event, "Breaking Out of Solitary Confinement: Networking Tips for Freelancers, Work-at-Homers, and Other Professionals", was a hit. Forty-three area independent consultants and professionals that want to be independent turned out at NRECA in Arlington. The chapter provided a sumptuous spread of food from Whole Foods and chairs and tables were arranged in a large U shape to facilitate networking while providing a comfortable place to sit and eat.

The range of professions represented by the 43 people was impressive. Most people were writers but there were a significant number of artists, photographers, translators, and project managers. There was even a dance instructor and a goat farmer! Many people found out about the event through the local discussion list called DCPUBS and seemed to already know each other, at least virtually. Others walked into the event not having preregistered. Many of them found out about the event through the listing in Monday’s "Face Time" section in the Washington Post both online and in print.

Among the many pearls of wisdom that came from Kristen King was the advice to think of networking not as a way to get something from someone but to give someone something they want and that will solve a problem for them.

Gabe advised that you should not give out your business card to someone until you have begun to forge a relationship. Of course, if someone gives you their card first, it’s perfectly appropriate to reciprocate.

Mary Fletcher Jones, an event attendee, and I are collaborating to create a podcast of an interview with Gabe and Kristen. When it’s available, we’ll publicize it in this blog.