STC Introduces a New Certificate Course in January on Usability Testing

STC is introducing a brand-new certificate course in January, plus bringing back one of our most popular courses as well!

Members have asked us for more in the area of usability, so we’re pleased to offer Usability Testing Essentials: Hands-on Workshop and Best Practices, presented by Carol Barnum every Tuesday from 8 January through 26 February, from 10:30 AM-Noon EST (GMT-5).

Also on tap is the popular TechComm Manager, presented by Saul Carliner, every Thursday from 10 January through 14 February, also 10:30 AM-Noon EST (GMT-5). If you’re looking to step up into a management role, this course is for you!

Usability Testing Essentials: Hands-on Workshop and Best Practices?

Presented by Carol Barnum
Tuesdays, 8 January-26 February
10:30 AM-Noon EST (GMT-5)

Whatever job you hold, user experience is (or should be) a part of it. That’s why usability testing is such a good fit for technical communicators. We are the voice of the user, so why not also be able to share what we learn from users by observing how they work with our products? We learn from them, educate ourselves and other product stakeholders about who our users are and how they interact with our products, and make our products better as user experience improves.

Whether you are self-taught, unschooled in the topic, or looking to upgrade your skills, this certificate course will take you step by step through the process of planning and conducting a test, analyzing the results, and reporting them-with the goal of educating yourself and other stakeholders on the user’s experience and advocating for more testing, more often.

TechComm Manager

Presented by Saul Carliner
Thursdays, 10 January-14 February
10:30 AM-Noon EST (GMT-5)

Effectively managing a technical communication group involves a unique set of skills: clearly communicating expectations regarding a job, effectively evaluating performance, developing and communicating a strategic vision for your group, making a business case for proposed projects, and selling the services of your group. TechComm Manager helps you develop these skills.

This certificate program develops these skills through a combination of discovery exercises (which leverage your existing knowledge), formal presentations (which describe the “must knows”), and action planning segments, which give you a chance to consider how you’ll apply what you learned back on the job.

Don’t forget about STC’s live Web seminars, too!

STC Live Web Seminars in August and September

by stc-office on 24 August 2009

STC has scheduled a number of pertinent live web seminars in the next few weeks. If you’re looking for quick, to-the-point, affordable continuing education, without the need for travel, sign up for these STC live web seminars.

Visit for descriptions, and to register.

Wednesday, 26 August
1:00–2:30 PM ET
Functional Forms Design: Putting Pragmatism Before Aestheticism
Presented by Eric Spears

Wednesday, 2 September
1:00–2:30 PM ET
Moving Unstructured Content to Structured Content
Presented by Bernard Aschwanden

Thursday, 10 September
1:00–2:30 PM ET
Climbing the Levels of Collaboration: How to Harness the Power of Crowds
Presented by Anne Gentle

Wednesday, 16 September
1:00–2:30 PM ET
Structure 2.0—Knowledge Delivery at Symantec
Presented by Tristan Bishop

Wednesday, 30 September
1:00–2:30 PM ET
The Future of Technical Communication: Remix
Presented by Barbara A. Giammona

STC Webinars in July 2009

Designing and Implementing Embedded Help

presented by Nicky Bleiel
Wednesday, 15 July, 1:00–2:30 PM

Embedding Help into your software application is the ideal way to give users relevant information exactly when they need it, making them successful and increasing the usability of your application. Learn how to integrate and deploy a dynamic, embedded Help pane that displays relevant information as the user navigates the interface. Best of all, this type of Help pane can be replicated by many without a custom implementation.

Today’s Agile Documentation

presented by Megan Leney
Wednesday, 22 July, 1:00–2:30 PM

This live web seminar explores recent trends in Agile, how documentation teams at Symantec apply current Agile thinking in their day-to-day work, and findings from a survey of Agile documentation team members. Hear what is working well and which best practices contribute most to the successful integration of Symantec’s documentation teams into the Agile process.

Converting Readers from Casual Subscribers to Devoted Followers: Best
Practices for Blogging

presented by Tom Johnson
Wednesday, 29 July, 1:00–2:30 PM

Making your blog influential requires you to give consideration to some best practices for blogging. Beyond search engine optimization, readability, and format, these best practices include crafting posts with story, revealing appropriately, and connecting with users through an engaging voice.

For more information on these web seminars, contact Elreatha Matthews, Education
Manager, at email hidden; JavaScript is required or by phone at +1 (571) 366-1903. To register for a live web seminar, visit STC’s website: