Oops! The Twitter Feeds Disappeared–Now What?

Many websites used RSS feeds to include tweets in their site. These RSS feeds are no longer available and in their place, Twitter is providing embeddable timelines that are interactive. Instead of reading tweets in a Twitter widget on a site and then going to Twitter to reply, retweet, or view tweeted photos, we can now interact with a tweet without having to leave the website.

I am replacing our old RSS feeds on this site and in the Jobs Board with the new code. Create your own embedded timeline right now using the new timeline settings page on twitter.com, or read more about how embedded timelines work on your website in the Twitter developer documentation.

Technical Summit 2009 Tweme is #stc09


Conference attendees are already sending Twitter.com tweets.

The Twemes.com site collects all related tweets containing the same hashtags or Twitter memes, which they call “twemes”.

Use the tweme of #stc09 for tweets related to planning for and attending the 2009 Technical Summit. Twemes.com also pulls in any Flickr and Del.icio.us bookmarks that contain the hashtag in uploaded photos and links.

[Editor’s Note: Twemes was shutdown in September 2011.]

STCWDC on Twitter


The Washington, DC Chapter has opened a new communication channel on Twitter.

We tweet at https://twitter.com/stcwdc.

Tweet? Twitter? Tweeple? Twitter is often called micro-blogging. Entries posted to Twitter can only contain 140 characters. These postings, or messages, are called tweets. People who tweet are called tweeple.

We have mentioned tweets on this blog earlier in connection with the June 2008 Technical Summit. When the next Summit comes in (May 2009 in Atlanta), chapter members can participate in the chorus of tweets!

Why are we tweeting? Technical communicators are doing many different things these days and there are many channels of communication. No one type of communication channel suits all. The channel called Twitter has a large technical communicator audience, especially among STC members. With this additional form of communication, our presence on Twitter.com will encourage those technical communicators who are not STC members to learn more about STC. This is already happening with our LinkedIn group.

If you are on Twitter and you are interested in issues related to technical communication and the STC Washington, DC Chapter come follow the chapter on Twitter and bring your friends!

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