Two Technical Editing SIG Scholarships Available for 2009

Announcement from the Technical Editing SIG

The Technical Editing SIG offers two scholarships of $2,000 each. The first scholarship assists students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in Technical Communication and the second assists students who are pursuing a graduate degree in Technical Communication. Students applying for one of these scholarships are expected to be able to demonstrate their focus on topics related to technical editing through their academic studies, current jobs, special projects, or undergraduate/graduate program.

To be eligible for a scholarship, an applicant must be:

* Enrolled in an undergraduate degree or graduate degree program related to Technical Editing or Technical Communication
* Pursuing a career as a Technical Editor

See the Technical Editing SIG’s site for more information about eligibility and deadline.

Webinar: Providing Effective Editing Comments

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  • $15 for TE SIG/DC Chapter members/students
  • $20 for STC members
  • $25 for non-members

As technical editors, we must communicate effectively with writers to affect changes in the information that we are editing. In addition to the editing markup, we use comments and queries to recommend how to improve the quality of the information. In this webinar, co-sponsored by the STC Washington, DC Chapter and the STC Technical Editing SIG, Michelle Corbin and Paula Cross present a thorough set of guidelines, each with specific examples, for how technical editors can provide effective comments and queries as part of an edit. After defining the different types of comments, they present guidelines for how to word comments (their tone), what you include in your comments (the content), and how you present your comments (their style). Corbin and Cross conclude by recommending ways to summarize and present your comments and queries to the writers.

All you need to participate in this webinar is a telephone and a computer with an Internet connection and a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari are all acceptable).