Social Networking: Not Just for Humans

On Dogbook, Everyone Knows You’re a Dog

With sixty-eight million pups calling the U.S. home, it’s no wonder that Dogbook is getting “tail-wagging” reviews from the canine community. Dogbook is an offshoot of Facebook, the social networking site that has over one hundred and seventy five million active users. A FOX News video is available from the Wall Street Journal site: On Dogbook Everyone Know’s You’re a Dog

Dogbook and Catbook video courtesy of ABC News.

Etymology of “Web 2.0”

“Web 2.0” – Myth, Fact, Vaporware, or Just Bewilderment? A good collection of articles relating to “Web 2.0” is at with an enlargement of the etymology of Web buzzwords at The article provides definitions, characteristics, technological overview, innovations associated with Web 2.0, related issues, and Criticisms (nicely grouped into Supportive and Critical at the bottom).

Report: Most Aren’t Rushing Into Web 2.0

Report by David Needle issued 7 May 07 on

While most Americans are comfortable using the Internet, far fewer are ready to dive into the latest, more interactive Web services — sometimes described as Web 2.0… — such as creating blogs and posting personal videos…

…The survey found that 85 percent of American adults use the Internet or cell phones (and most use both), but the percentage of those who use the more advanced interactive tools for self-expression on the Internet is a measly eight percent.

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