Zen and the Art of Negotiation

Register through the IEEE site by October 6, 2009.
Cost: $10 cash (includes dinner) for IEEE or STC members; $15 for guests. This event is sponsored by the IEEE Professional Communication Society, the IEEE Technical Management Council, and the Society for Technical Communication (Washington/Northern Virginia/Baltimore Chapters). For more information, please contact Hugh Owen at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Speaker: Phil Marcus, The Negotiation Pro

photo of Phil Marcus

Negotiation skills courses these days fall in two categories. The better ones teach working with the negotiation partner to find a solution that satisfies both sides’ needs. That is good, but it does not reach the issue of negotiation partners who use tricks and tactics to manipulate and intimidate.

Other courses teach how to use and parry those tricks, but not how to make a deal good for the long run. And few if any negotiation courses deal with the anxiety that many people have when sitting down at a bargaining table.

What people need is training that responds to all these problems.

Zen and the Art of Negotiation℠ is my proprietary course where participants learn:

  • What is a sustainable deal, why it is important, and how to achieve it.
  • How to use elements of the Zen philosophy to relieve anxiety and focus clearly on making a good bargain, by finding Your Zen Space℠ (a unique course feature).
  • How to cope with bargaining tricks and tactics.
  • How to negotiate with bullies and nutcases.

Building: Capitol College Telecommunications Hall
Room Number: 244
11301 Springfield Rd
Laurel, Maryland
United States 20708

From I-95, take the B-W Pkwy. (Exit 22, N) to the Powder Mill Road Exit. Turn left (west toward Beltsville) on Powder Mill Rd, then take the first right onto Springfield Rd. Go approx. 1 mile to the campus on the right. The meeting is in the buiding to the right at the end of the driveway.

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