Oops! The Twitter Feeds Disappeared–Now What?

Many websites used RSS feeds to include tweets in their site. These RSS feeds are no longer available and in their place, Twitter is providing embeddable timelines that are interactive. Instead of reading tweets in a Twitter widget on a site and then going to Twitter to reply, retweet, or view tweeted photos, we can now interact with a tweet without having to leave the website.

I am replacing our old RSS feeds on this site and in the Jobs Board with the new code. Create your own embedded timeline right now using the new timeline settings page on twitter.com, or read more about how embedded timelines work on your website in the Twitter developer documentation.

STC’s Notebook

From the STC Office 3 August 2009…

The Society for Technical Communication welcomes you to its newest publication: STC's Notebook. This blog will house relevant information for STC members and those interested in technical communication. New stories and articles will be added frequently and the blog will grow and change to meet the Society's needs. The blog will replace News & Notes, but all of the articles historically captured in the newsletter will now be posted in a timelier manner to ensure up-to-date information delivery. STC's Notebook will function as a consistent stream of information about and for the Society. Please feel free to comment on posts and participate in this social media platform. Visit STC's Notebook for upcoming articles and posts, and be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to receive notices of new blog postings: https://www.stc.org/notebook/.

Link to the We Love DC Blog Added to This Website

A new blog about events, where to eat, things to do in and around DC is now included in the Communication Sites We Like section below. The new blog is called “We Love DC”: http://www.welovedc.com/.

We Love DC. You think there’d need to be more to band together a group of writers, but this is our common element. We Love DC. Sure, we think DC dates the wrong person once in a while, and may or not have worn something that we thought was pretty much atrocious, but We Love DC anyway. DC has been many things for us; it has been home and shelter, adventure and retreat, love and war. Here we all are, to give it our best.

…we are a diverse group of people doing a diverse group of things, our common bonds are this site, and that we live inside the Beltway. We are IT Guy, Programmer, Costume Designer and Writer; Contractor, Web Designer, Secretary and Security Specialist. We run the gamut. Want to join us? E-mail email hidden; JavaScript is required, and he’ll give you all the details.