Handout Available for Designing Accessible Documents for Everyone

Carolyn Kelley Klinger’s handout for the "Designing Accessible Documents for Everyone" workshop held on 23 January 2010 is now available. This is an accessible PDF file.

Making Word or FrameMaker Files 508 Compliant for PDFs

Webinar: DITA for Conditional Text

(Speaker: Tom Magliery, XML Technology Specialist, JustSystems; Location: Anywhere with a phone line and a Web connection). Time: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Register and pay on the Cvent page. Download a PDF of the event description and registration information.

Do you feel you’ve taken conditional text to the max – and maybe beyond – in your current documentation suite? DITA, the gold standard for supporting content reuse, includes highly scalable and flexible ways to conditionalize content so that you can deliver more customized content from a small and efficient set of source files. In this webinar, you’ll learn
* How DITA conditions can work seamlessly in multiple output formats
* How DITA can handle multiple conditions, such as multiple platforms AND audiences
* A step-by-step process for creating conditional content and creating filtered deliverables
* How working with an XML standard can be more intuitive than working with conditional text in proprietary file formats.

This session is appropriate for writers who understand basic XML concepts and are thinking of moving to DITA. Practical examples will be used throughout.

For more information about DITA, see http://dita.xml.org/