Thank You to the Participants in the 2017-2018 Technical Communication Competition

Thank You to all the Judges

Thank you to the Judging Manager, Ann Ray, and to all the volunteer judges who reviewed and evaluated the entries to the 2017-2018 Technical Communication Competition.

  • Richard Bogacz
  • Jackie Damrau
  • Brian Dinterman
  • Sue Heim
  • Marsi Fein Miller
  • Nancy Mulé
  • Ann Ray
  • Tavia Record
  • Annette Reilly
  • Jennifer Staley
  • Marty Taylor
  • Lloyd Thompson-Taylor

The success of the competition depends on your dedication, time, and energy in judging the Washington, DC – Baltimore Chapter's Technical Communication Competition. We are honored to have your support and the competition can not be possible without you. Competition entrants frequently tell us that they appreciate the written feedback they receive from our judges. Your experienced and thoughtful feedback is the number one reason people enter the competition and is considered more important than the award itself.

List of Winners

We also want to thank all the technical communicators who submitted their work to the competition. An awards celebration was held in April to hand out the awards and honor the entrants, the judges, and the competition committee. (See the published event review.)

The full list of the winners with their entry names and awards is posted in the Competition Website at

Awards & Entry Statistics

Table contents

The first column shows the entry statistics, the second column shows the number of awards.

Entry Statistics Award Breakdown
Total entries: 23
Total award winners: 18
Distinguished: 4
(includes 1 Publications Best of Show)
Excellence: 4
Merit: 10

Distinguished Technical Communication

Russ Banham, Magda Saina, Erin Richardson, Geoff Brown, Margaret Brown
Johns Hopkins APL

Erin Richardson, Ken Moscati, Diane Dorsey, Gloria Crites, Shannon Nelson, Matt Baughman
Johns Hopkins APL

Natalia Melcer, Marissa Mills, Stacey McCray, Holly Haun, Brent Hopwood
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Kris Christen, Stacey McCray, Brett Hopwood, Judy Wyrick, Holly Haun, Peter Thornton
Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Caleb Heidel, Annie Marcotte, Claudia Yee
Johns Hopkins APL

Lindsay Kishter, Akhlesh Kaushiva, Hank Kenchington, Annie Best, Jennifer Ganss
Nexight Group

Joan Travis, Melissa Kulm, Chalon Emmons, Dave Jacowitz

Sally Heldrich, Leah Reesman, Rebecca Tanguay


BICSI Worldwide Headquarters, BICSI Technical Information and Methods Committee, TI&M OSPDRM 6th Edition Review Team”

Lucinda Metzger
CA Technologies

Abbie Tioseco

Abbie Tioseco

Tracey Crowe, Phoebe Brown, Julie Chappell, Valerie Riedel, Chad Gallinat
Energetics Incorporated

Sarah Lichtner, Lindsay Pack, Jim Davis, Ross Brindle, Rob Foy, Jim Wetzel
Nexight Group

Jared Kosters, Lindsay Pack, Uday Vaidya, Jack Holmes, Ross Brindle
Nexight Group

Beth Ward, Lindsay Kishter, Jack Eisenhauer, Jim Carey, Jennifer Ganss, Ginger Norris, Mike Wallace
Nexight Group

Jason Grinblat, Veronica Schmiedeskamp, Ted Kuster

Liem Budzien, My-Linh Budzien
Thomas Jefferson High School

Thank you for participating and making the competition a success. We hope to see your entries in future competitions.

The 2018-2019 Competition

We are in the planning stages for the upcoming 2018-2019 Technical Communication Competition, which will open later this year. Watch for information about the deadline date and entry rules in the Competition website. Interested competition judges and competition sponsors should contact the competition manager, Tavia Record.

Call for STC International Summit Award Judges

By Rob Brown and Paula Robertson
ISA Competition Judge Co-Managers

International competitions
International competition award ribbon

The Society for Technical Communication announces the call for judges for the upcoming 2013 STC International Summit Awards (ISA) competition. The deadline for judge applications is 21 January 2013 and judging begins in early February.

Plan now to take advantage of this professional development opportunity. The ISA provides valuable feedback and recognition to technical communication professionals whose work demonstrates excellence in the practice and standards of all types of technical documentation. Being able to add “STC International Awards Competition Judge” to your resume is a worthy New Year’s Resolution that provides recognition and reward in itself.

What Do You Need to Qualify as an International Summit Award judge?

The STC ISA Committee seeks dedicated STC members and nonmembers who are motivated to improve their skills in peer review or to mentor others by sharing the skills they already have. Do you have what it takes to qualify as an STC ISA judge? At the international level, judges must have at least two of the following qualifications:

  • Senior membership in STC
  • Five years in technical communication or a related field
  • Teaching experience in communication or a related field
  • Master’s degree or higher in technical communication or a related field
  • CPTCTM or other certification from a related professional organization
  • Winner of an STC or other technical communication competition award
  • Three years’ experience in the category you want to judge

Additional criteria are listed in the application form on the STC International Summit Awards page. Under International Forms and Files, click “STC ISA Judge Application Form” to submit your application online.

Information about the responsibilities of an STC ISA judge, including the judging schedule for the current competition season, are also available under International Forms and Files on the STC International Summit Awards page. To download the handbook, click “STC ISA Handbook for Judges.”

Watch for more information to come through various means. You may also email your questions about judging in this year’s International Summit Awards Competition.

Reminder: Deadline for the Competition is This Friday, 30 November

Landsat image of the Chesapeake Bay region
Photo Credit:
NASA/USGS/Landsat 5

Entry deadline: 7 p.m. Eastern Time,
Friday, 30 November 2012

If you haven’t submitted your entry to the chapter’s 2012 Technical Summit Competition, there is still time. See the Competition website for

  • Competition Entry Rules
  • Competition Entry Forms