Updated Internship Listings

The University of Maryland now has internship programs that are coordinated by several departments at the university. I’ve added a list of some of them to our Internships section at https://jobs.stcwdc.org/employment-resources/#INTERNS on our WDCB Jobs Board's Employment Resources page.

These University of Maryland internship programs are

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As an example of places that offer internships, look over the list from the History department for Undergraduate Internship Possibilities.

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Looking for an Internship?

There are many resources for finding an internship in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our Employment Resources page on the WDCB Jobs Board https://jobs.stcwdc.org/employment-resources/ now includes an Internships section at https://jobs.stcwdc.org/employment-resources/#INTERNS
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Looking for an Internship?

Two of the best places to look for internships are on Idealist.org and Indeed.com. We also have a section for Internships on our Employment Resources page.

Idealist.org currently has 65 pages of internships in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Go to
https://www.idealist.org/en/ and start your search with the search form at the top of the page. Just select “Internships” under Type and in the Where part, enter “Washington Metro Area, DC, US” or “Baltimore, MD”.

To search for jobs on Indeed.com, go to our https://jobs.stcwdc.org/ page and fill in the search form at the top for Indeed.

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