Congratulations to Our Int’l Tech Pubs Competition Winners!

International BOS
International winner
International Winner

We are pleased to announce that all seven of our entries to the International Communication Technical Publications Competition won awards this year. One of them also won Best of Show! See 2008-2009 Competition Winners Lists for all our local competitions winners. Winners of the international competitions were on display at the Annual Conference (Technical Summit) in May. See past international winners at

Winners List

  • Technical Publications
    • Best of Show & Distinguished: "Putting Theory into Practice: A Best Practices Approach to Developing Tax Instructions"; Contributers: Dr. Rita Roosevelt, Rasika Krishna, Eric Spears, and Erin Schmieder; Company: Kleimann Communication Group, Inc.
    • Distinguished: "NCRR Reporter"; Contributers: Lamont Williams, Palladian Partners; Joyce McDonald, NCRR; and Michael Fleishman, Palladian Partners; Company: Palladian Partners, Inc.
    • Distinguished: "VisionContent: Retriever for Reports Documentation Set "; Contributer: John Tremblay; Company: Metavante Image Solutions
    • Excellence: "Altarum Annual Report 2007"; Contributers: Liz Ritter, Marijka Lischak, and Mary Joscelyn; Company: Altarum Institute
    • Excellence: "NCRR Strategic Plan 2009-2013"; Contributers: Lamont Williams, Karen Eddleman, and Joan Barbour; Company: Palladian Partners, Inc.
    • Excellence: "Roadmap to Secure Control Systems in the Water Sector"; Contributers: Jack Eisenhauer, Katie Jereza, and Julie Chappell; Comapny: Energetics Incorporated
    • Merit: "Pictures of the Future (Spring and Fall 2008 editions)"; Contributer: Arthur F. Pease; Company: Siemens AG

Calling All International Judges

International winner

While local and regional competitions are underway, it’s not too early to think about becoming an international competition judge. At the international competition level, we draw the very best entries from all STC communities and judging internationally is a great professional development opportunity.

You can be a competition judge on one of the remote teams or during the final consensus onsite judging. Remote judging is the first round and entries are shipped to the judge. Remote judging will be open to everyone regardless of location.

This year STC will implement a 3-year pilot program for the consensus judging. Historically, the location for the judging event is announced and all judges travel to that location. The travel and lodging expenses in the last few years have grown astronomically. The pilot program that will begin in 2009 will bring a regional approach to the judging. Rather than bring the judges to the competition, we will bring the competition to the judges. A geographic region will be selected based on the possible number of judges available in the area. The competition will be arranged and judges from the surrounding area that are able to drive in for the day will be recruited. For 2009, the international judging will be held in New England. For 2010 and 2011, we will solicit nominations from the chapters or groups of chapters for locations to hold those competitions. Judges whose company will pay expenses will still be considered as usual.

We hope that this will bring about two things: a savings in travel and lodging costs and the opportunity for more to participate in this professional development opportunity.

What qualifications do you need to judge in the international competition?

  • You must have judged in a local or regional STC competition at least twice.
  • You must meet two or more of the following criteria:
    • 96Master’s degree or higher in technical communication or related field.
    • Senior membership in STC.
    • Seven years in technical communication or a related field.
    • Strong technical publishing and/or web or graphic design background.
    • Teaching experience in communications or a related field.
    • Winner of an STC or other communications competition award.
    • Certification by a communications-related professional organization.
  • Your schedule should be flexible enough to allow adequate time for judging and communicating with your co-judges.

What’s in it for you?

  • Judging in the STC competitions is a professional development opportunity.
  • You will learn more about technical communication and about the medium and categories you judge than through your work experience, your educational background, or any other courses or conferences you have attended.
  • You can expand your network internationally: when you judge at the international level, your co-judges may be from anywhere in the United States or beyond!
  • You’ll have the opportunity to review materials created by employees from IBM, GE, Dell, Microsoft, or even NASA.

Judges on each team are responsible for evaluating the assigned entries and providing each participant with constructive, detailed feedback. The deadline for judge applications is 12 January 2009. Consensus judging for all three competitions will be completed in March 2009.

Apply to be a judge by using the STC ISA Judge Application Form at under the heading International Forms and Files.