Social Media Survey – detailed results

Big thanks to everyone who participated in our STC WDCB Social Media Survey.

Some folks have expressed an interest in seeing the full slideshow, so I'm posting it here:
STC Social Media Survey PowerPoint slide show.

What did we say?

  • We like email
  • We like face-to-face
  • We like Facebook
  • We like the Intercom magazine
  • Job postings, webinar training are important to younger members
  • Some of us are overwhelmed by too much social media

We are always interested in your feedback so don't be shy about speaking up in the language and social media format of your choice:

Or feel free to contact me directly by email at any time.

Viqui Dill
Social Media Manager & At-Large Director (2012)

Social Networking: Not Just for Humans

On Dogbook, Everyone Knows You’re a Dog

With sixty-eight million pups calling the U.S. home, it’s no wonder that Dogbook is getting “tail-wagging” reviews from the canine community. Dogbook is an offshoot of Facebook, the social networking site that has over one hundred and seventy five million active users. A FOX News video is available from the Wall Street Journal site: On Dogbook Everyone Know’s You’re a Dog

Dogbook and Catbook video courtesy of ABC News.