Navigating the Job Search Today

Speakers: Barbara Herzog, James Dittbrenner, Sylvan Von Burg, Susan Musich, Renée Barnow, and Tom Dezell
Location: NRECA Conference Center Directions to the event.

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* $5 for STC WDC Members and IEEE Members (this is a joint event)
* $15 for Non-members
* FREE for full-time student guest of a paid attendee (student guest must register)

Dinner included in event cost.

No matter where you are in your career, you should always be prepared to get back into the job market. Come learn the latest trends in the job search process and start laying the groundwork for your next job search. This event will be a progression. Each speaker will host a 25-minute roundtable discussion. At the end of each discussion, you will move to another table with a different topic and speaker. A pizza dinner will be served.

You will have time to attend four of the following six table topics, each offered by an expert on that topic:

* The Five Methods for Securing Interviews (Speaker: Barbara Herzog)
* Targeting Your Job Search and Effectively Using Career Fairs (Speaker: James Dittbrenner)
* Résumés and Job Search Communications (Speaker: Sylvan Von Burg)
* Using the Internet in the Job Search (Speaker: Susan Musich)
* Lost Your Job? Gain Control with Action Based Communication™ during the Interview (Speaker: Renée Barnow)
* Networking for the Nervous Novice or Naïve Job Seeker (Speaker: Tom Dezell)

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Steve Whitney
STC Washington DC Chapter
PO Box 11186
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RSS Feeds Added to Job Announcement Pages

Two Twitter RSS feeds for DC Jobs are now included on the chapter's Job Announcement pages and the home page. These feeds are for Web Development and Writer jobs listed on the Career Builder site. See

16 October 2012: Moved to
13 November 2017: Links to feeds deleted because Career Builder site was dropped.

Career Makeover Institute Sessions Added to the Conference

For those who have lost their jobs, STC has added a special series of sessions to the conference. These sessions cover such topics as interviewing, resumes, portfolios and job hunting.

Take a peek at the final program before you get to the conference!. The full conference program is online in the Live Learning Center at This will be the site where you will receive your captured/ Summit@aclick sessions after the conference. Just click on “Educational Content” and you will have the choice of Itinerary Planner or Content from the meeting.

The itinerary planner lets you plan your conference day and you can download it to your Blackberry…a new feature this year. If you click on content, you will see the session tracks. You can sort by day or speaker and then click on the titles for the the day, time, descriptions, and speaker bio. When you see a small scroll by the title, it indicates that speaker materials have been uploaded.