Let’s do lunch 08/30/2013

Hey everyone! I was delighted to attend "Let’s do lunch" with some of our STC Washington, DC – Baltimore Chapter local crew.

For me, it meant a day away from the office and an 80 mile drive there and an 80 mile drive back. It was totally worth it.

We met at the Good Stuff Eatery in Crystal City, Virginia.



Our little group included Technical Communicators from all around DC, Virginia, and Maryland, including Charlotte Glenn, Traci Mayo, Leslie Reed, Anna Reed, Frank Sokolove, Carolyn Klinger, Steven Lemanski, Sean Stevenson, Joni Vredenburgh, Nicole, and me. The lively discussion covered a variety of topics, technical and not-so-technical, including our chapter jobs board, proposal writing, gamification, Office 360, future events, facilities management with Maximo, and ghosts in the area.

Sean was celebrating his new job and we marked the occasion by giving him some of our chapter logo swag.

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2013 STC International Summit Award Competition Winners

Congratulations to all the Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) chapter winners who won awards at the STC International Competition level!. The Washington DC – Baltimore chapter is proud to announce that we had six winners in the STC International Technical Publications Competition. The competition is an excellent way to showcase our work as technical communicators. One of our entries won Best of Show. Congratulations to all the winners. We are very proud to have them represent us so well.

Winners at the international level are entitled to display the STC international competition award ribbons. Download and use to promote your award!

Best of Show

BOS International Summit Award

Best of Show entries exhibit the ideal for their category. They are not judged against each other; they are judged solely against established standards. For example, how do you compare the best annual report with the best software guide? In STC competitions, the best annual report is compared with the ideal annual report, and the best software guide with the ideal software guide. Thus, the Best of Show judges must determine how close each candidate comes to realizing the ideal for its category. The entry that comes closest to the ideal for its category is the Best of Show.

Los Alamos National Laboratory External/Public Website
Contributors: Ann Rafferty, Monika Bittman, Lillian Anaya
Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Distinguished Technical Communication

Winner International Summit Award

An entry that wins an award of Distinguished Technical Communication is clearly superior in all areas. The entry contains no major flaws and few, if any, minor flaws. It applies the principles of technical communication in an outstanding way, particularly the way that it anticipates and fulfills the needs of its audience.

From Research to Reality a Missile Defense Agency Technology Applications Report
Contributors: L. Scott Tillett, Lisa Hylton, Joe Singleton
Company: National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC) – Washington Operations

Los Alamos National Laboratory External/Public Website
Contributors: Ann Rafferty, Monika Bittman, Lillian Anaya
Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory


An entry that wins an award of Excellence consistently meets high standards in all areas. The entry might contain a single major flaw or a few minor flaws. The entry demonstrates an exceptional understanding of technical communication principles.

Critical Infrastructure Partnership Advisory Council Annual Update 2012
Contributors: Katrina Hubbard, Teresa Kowalczyk, Dylan Waugh
Company: Energetics Incorporated

Guide for Effective Corporate and Technical Writing
Contributors: Rebecca Jung
Company: Westinghouse Electric Company

Pictures of the Future
Contributors: Arthur F. Pease
Company: Siemens A.G.


An entry that wins a Merit award consistently meets high standards in most areas. The entry might contain a small number of major or minor flaws, but it still applies technical communication principles in a highly proficient manner.

Technology at Temple
Contributors: Marianne Johnston, Robert Frawley, Susan Banka
Company: Westat

See the STC site for the full list of 2013 STC International Summit Award (ISA) winners.

David Dayton Wins WritersUA conference registration!

Photo of David Dayton

Congratulations to David Dayton, Ph.D., who won a free registration to the WritersUA Conference for Software User Assistance by registering early for the STC WDC Seminar and Awards Celebration!

David Dayton is an Assistant Professor in Technical Communication at Towson University and is looking forward to attending the conference. He will share his conference impressions with the STC WDC Chapter later in 2010.