Seeking 2016-2017 STC WDCB Competition Manager

Do you want to hone your project management skills as our competition manager for later this year? Whether or not you have served as a project manager before, you can learn and grow in this role.

Our competition is respected worldwide and has been continuing each year for 50 years now. We don’t have a competition manager for the fall and we don’t want this to be the year that we stop!

It helps if you have some familiarity with the competition to take on this role but it is not required. You can learn on the job. This job will take 5-10 hours per week between October and January but there are some start-up tasks that will take a little time here and there in September. You will need to oversee but not necessarily handle recognition tasks after January until the competition celebration, which ends the cycle.

To volunteer or to discuss the role, contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Celebrating Our Community; Celebrating YOU

One of the great things about being part of a community is the opportunity to celebrate our successes and honor the best work among us. For our chapter, that opportunity is right around the corner, as we gather on March 5 to honor our Competition winners, recognize members through a new chapter award program, and mark a special milestone — our 60th birthday as an STC chapter.

But perhaps most important, we celebrate YOU — technical communicators whose skills and accomplishments, born of hard work and dedication, have strengthened our profession and made this remarkable community possible. Every one of you is a guest of honor at this party — and the more of you with us on March 5, the better!

This year’s celebration is special to me, because I will be flying across the country to attend for the first time since having joined the chapter. As a remote volunteer, I rejoice at the opportunity to meet the incredible leadership team I have worked with for more than a year. And I’m thrilled to be able to see the recipients of our new chapter awards program be honored.

March 5 promises to be a wonderful evening of fun, great food, the joy of honoring our best work, and celebrating our strengths as a community and the contributions that YOU make to our profession. Be with us! Register today!

I look forward to meeting you there!

Admin Council Meeting for August 2014

Our next council meeting is Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 7:30 pm EDT.

Here is the call-in information:

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7100
Participant Access Code: 250899#

All members are invited to attend and participate.

Ideas and Notes from STC WDCB Summer Vision Day 2014

Photo of a spot at the beach with a chair, sunglasses, coconut drink with an umbrella

The recording for Summer Vision Day 2014 in in our list of podcasts in the sidebar.

Download the Summer Vision Day 2014 PowerPoint Slides (3.2 Mb .pptx).

During the meeting, we asked members to post ideas and needs for future events. Please use our WDCB website as a forum for sharing ideas.

  • What kinds of events would you like to see in the coming months?
  • What kinds of topics should we cover?
  • For what kinds of speakers should we look?

We asked to hear from you, the membership, and we mean it. What’s on your mind? What do you need?

Please share your thoughts here.

STC International Summit Award Winners

The Washington DC – Baltimore (WDCB) chapter is proud to announce that we had 15 winners in the STC International Technical Publications Competition. The competition is an excellent way to showcase our work as technical communicators. Two of our entries won Best of Show. Congratulations to all the winners. We are very proud to have them represent us so well.

Best of Show and Distinguished Winners

Pictures of the Future
Submitter: Arthur Pease
Entrant: Arthur Pease
Company: Siemens A.G.
SAMHSA Permanent Supportive Housing Toolkit
Submitter: Chandria Jones
Entrants: Chandria Jones, Pamela Fisher, Carol Bianco
Additional Contributors: Westat Graphics and Printing, Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.
Company: Westat


Propane Technology Review
Submitter: Julie Chappell
Entrants: Julie Chappell, Propane Education & Research Council, Energetics, Inc.
Additional Contributors: Roy Willis, PERC; Brian Feehan, PERC; Mark Leitman, PERC
Brandon Robinson, PERC; Greg Kerr, PERC; Ross Brindle, Energetics; Sarah Lichtner, Energetics; Lindsay Pack, Energetics; Emily Maffett, Energetics; Valerie Riedel, Energetics
Company: Energetics Incorporated
Reducing Global Threats through Innovative Science and Technology
Submitter: Octavio Ramos, Jr.
Entrants: Nancy Ambrosiano, Octavio Ramos, Jr., James M. Cruz
Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory


2010 Science Highlights TSC Directorate: Theory, Simulation, and Computation
Submitter: Kathy Pallis
Entrants: Sharon Mikkelson, Susanne King, Kathy Pallis
Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Altarum Institute Annual Report
Submitter: Liz Ritter
Entrants: Liz Ritter, Marijka Lischak, Janice Lynch Schuster
Company: Altarum Institute

Building on Our Strengths–The 2009 Missile Defense Agency Technology Applications Report
Submitter: Lisa Hylton
Entrants: Scott Tillett, Lisa Hylton, NTTC Washington Operations Outreach and Engineering Teams
Company: National Technology Transfer Center, Washington Operations

New Frontiers in Characterizing Biological Systems; Report from the May 2009 Workshop
Submitter: Judy M. Wyrick
Entrants: Holly Haun, Judy Wyrick, Biological and Environmental Research Information System
Additional Contributors: Shirley Andrews, Betty Mansfield, Jennifer Bownas, Marissa Mills, Kris Christen, Sheryl Martin, Christopher Caldwell, Anita Alton, Arthur Katz (U.S. Department of Energy), Mitchel Doktycz (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), H. Steven Wiley (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Company: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Plutonium Science and Research Strategy
Submitter: Kelly Parker
Entrants: Suki Coonley, Kelly Parker, Ed Lorusso
Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Tactical Air Control Party-Modernization, Vehicular Communications System, Train the Trainer Course Materials
Submitter: Diane Swift
Entrants: Diane Swift, Heather Brown, Paul Costen
Additional Contributors: Michael Anderson
Company: Antech Systems Inc.


Getting Started: Doing Business with Fannie Mae
Submitter: Mary Wise
Entrants: Jacqueline Austin, William Cragg
Company: Fannie Mae

NIH and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Website
Submitter: Rob Wald
Entrants: Donna Messersmith, Bethany Hoffman, Beth Maloney
Additional Contributors: Yvonne Bersofsky, Samantha Fox
Company: Palladian Partners

Payoff Calendar
Submitter: Mary Wise
Entrants: Michele McNamara, Phil Corriveau, Kathleen Colliton
Company: Fannie Mae

U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Research Centers: An Overview of the Science
Submitter: Judy M. Wyrick
Entrants: Jennifer Bownas, Judy Wyrick, Biological and Environmental Research Information System
Additional Contributors: Shirley Andrews, Betty Mansfield, Holly Haun, Marissa Mills, Kris Christen, Sheryl Martin, Christopher Caldwell, Anita Alton
Company: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Call for Judges – STC Washington DC Chapter 2009-2010 Competitions

Do you have a number of years of experience in your line of work? Do you consider yourself pretty darn competent at what you do? If so, please consider sharing your expertise with others by signing up to be a judge for the 2009-2010 STC (Society for Technical Communication) D.C. area competition!

There are actually two separate competitions: Online Communication and Technical Publications. Each competition is split into categories for which entrants submit their work. When you apply to be a judge, you can specify your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for the categories you’d like to judge.

If you would like to be a judge, there are two major meetings that you need to put on your calendar:

  • Entries Pick-Up and Judges’ Training meeting

    Saturday, Dec. 5, 10:30 am – 12 noon, at Patrick Henry Library in Vienna. Snacks are provided.

  • Consensus Meeting

    Saturday, Jan. 9, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, at 1st Presbyterian Church in Arlington. Lunch is provided.

In the five weeks between these two required meetings, you can expect to spend approximately 10 -15 hours total going over the four to six entries you are judging.

For general information about being a judge this year, visit:

If you’re interested, please fill out a judging application form at:

Thanks for volunteering!

Melissa Brown Manager, STC WDC Competitions email hidden; JavaScript is required

P.S. A big thank you to those of you who have already signed up to be judges. You’ll be getting more details soon!