WDCB Competition Awards Banquet and Networking Night a Smashing Success!

Photo of Ugur Akinci

This blog post is republished with permission from the author, our own Dr. Ugur Akinci. The original posting was on his website, the Technical Communication Center.

STC Washington D.C. – Baltimore Chapter (STC WDCB) had a successful Competition Awards Banquet and Networking Night yesterday (13 March 2013) at Carmine's, one of the premiere Italian restaurants in Washington, D.C.

The winners of the chapter's 2012-2013 Technical Communication Summit Awards were honored for their superior work. It was a great uplifting occasion, a unique opportunity to appreciate some of the best examples of technical communication while enjoying great food and sampling Carmine's delicious house wine.

Here is the full list of all the winners.

On display were all the competition winning documents, including a website that displayed on the flat-screen monitor. The guests could get their hands on some of the best work in our profession, appreciate their quality, and read snippets of what our judges had to say.

It surely was a magical night and a great opportunity to broaden our network and make new friends.

Here are some selected visual highlights from the banquet and awards ceremony:

photo from awards night

If you weren’t there we hope you can join us next year…

photo from awards night

Best of Show award winners Lisa Hylton (L) and Scott Tillett (R) of National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC) – Washington Operations receiving their award from Carolyn Kelley Klinger (middle), STC WDCB Past President, for their publication From Research to Reality — A Missile Defense Agency Technology Applications Report. The exquisite publication was as close to anyone will ever get to a flawless printed document. Other members of the winning team are Joe Singleton and Joan Zimmermann who unfortunately couldn't make it to the banquet. Fantastic job NTTC!

photo from awards night

The winning competition entries were on display for the appreciation of the banquet participants.

photo from awards night

The chapter judges were delighted to receive so many high-quality entries this year…

photo from awards night

Viqui Dill, our chapter’s indefatigable Social Media Manager and a competition judge, did a wonderful job as MC during the icebreaker opening of the banquet.

photo from awards night

Members of the Best Student Entry Team from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia were among those honored at the banquet. Team members included Rachel Chuang, Esther Wang, George Wang, Tina Ju, Kinsey Moser, Allison Wang, Zeming Lin, Pali Singh, Melanie Kim, Jacqueline Speiser, and Stephanie Melendez. The award winner Teknos: The Journal of Science, Mathematics, and Technology is the kind of publication that should be studied and emulated by all technical publication teams across the country. John Woodwell, the faculty sponsor, said the reason why the team participates in the contest frequently is because of the high-quality feedback and review notes that they receive from hard-working STC WDCB judges.

photo from awards night

Rebecca Jung of Westinghouse Electric Company received her Award of Excellence for Guide for Effective Corporate and Technical Writing. Good job Rebecca!

photo from awards night

Mary Saunders, Nancy Mulé, and Tiffany Newland of American Woodmark Corporation receiving theirAward of Merit for Work Center Manager Online Help. Mary Saunders, our chapter’s Secretary, has also served this year as a competition judge (many thanks!).

photo from awards night

Another proud and happy winner: Lauren Anthone of National Cancer Institute (NCI) accepted her Award of Merit for National Cancer Institute Clinical Trials Reporting Program Registration Site User's Guide.Lauren, well done!

photo from awards night

Veteran technical communicator and long-time chapter leader Charlotte Glenn received her well-deserved STC Distinguished Chapter Service Award from our Past President Carolyn Klinger. For this competition, Charlotte Glenn also served as Competition Co-Manager and Entries Manager. Charlotte, thank you!

photo from awards night

Another STC veteran, Annette Reilly, performed superbly and did all the heavy lifting as our Competition Manager. Annette, thank you!

photo from awards night

Our Past President Carolyn Klinger sharing a tender moment with her friend Viqui Dill as she presented STC Distinguished Chapter Service Award for Viqui's tireless volunteer work on behalf of our members. Viqui, thank you!

Also receiving the prestigious Distinguished Chapter Service Award in absentia was Eric Anest, our Chapter Past Treasurer and an all-around good guy. Eric, thank you!

photo from awards night

Did we mention that Carmine's got the best pasta in the whole wide world?!

View all the photos on our Flickr account.

STC International Summit Award Winners

The Washington DC – Baltimore (WDCB) chapter is proud to announce that we had 15 winners in the STC International Technical Publications Competition. The competition is an excellent way to showcase our work as technical communicators. Two of our entries won Best of Show. Congratulations to all the winners. We are very proud to have them represent us so well.

Best of Show and Distinguished Winners

Pictures of the Future
Submitter: Arthur Pease
Entrant: Arthur Pease
Company: Siemens A.G.
SAMHSA Permanent Supportive Housing Toolkit
Submitter: Chandria Jones
Entrants: Chandria Jones, Pamela Fisher, Carol Bianco
Additional Contributors: Westat Graphics and Printing, Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.
Company: Westat


Propane Technology Review
Submitter: Julie Chappell
Entrants: Julie Chappell, Propane Education & Research Council, Energetics, Inc.
Additional Contributors: Roy Willis, PERC; Brian Feehan, PERC; Mark Leitman, PERC
Brandon Robinson, PERC; Greg Kerr, PERC; Ross Brindle, Energetics; Sarah Lichtner, Energetics; Lindsay Pack, Energetics; Emily Maffett, Energetics; Valerie Riedel, Energetics
Company: Energetics Incorporated
Reducing Global Threats through Innovative Science and Technology
Submitter: Octavio Ramos, Jr.
Entrants: Nancy Ambrosiano, Octavio Ramos, Jr., James M. Cruz
Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory


2010 Science Highlights TSC Directorate: Theory, Simulation, and Computation
Submitter: Kathy Pallis
Entrants: Sharon Mikkelson, Susanne King, Kathy Pallis
Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Altarum Institute Annual Report
Submitter: Liz Ritter
Entrants: Liz Ritter, Marijka Lischak, Janice Lynch Schuster
Company: Altarum Institute

Building on Our Strengths–The 2009 Missile Defense Agency Technology Applications Report
Submitter: Lisa Hylton
Entrants: Scott Tillett, Lisa Hylton, NTTC Washington Operations Outreach and Engineering Teams
Company: National Technology Transfer Center, Washington Operations

New Frontiers in Characterizing Biological Systems; Report from the May 2009 Workshop
Submitter: Judy M. Wyrick
Entrants: Holly Haun, Judy Wyrick, Biological and Environmental Research Information System
Additional Contributors: Shirley Andrews, Betty Mansfield, Jennifer Bownas, Marissa Mills, Kris Christen, Sheryl Martin, Christopher Caldwell, Anita Alton, Arthur Katz (U.S. Department of Energy), Mitchel Doktycz (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), H. Steven Wiley (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Company: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Plutonium Science and Research Strategy
Submitter: Kelly Parker
Entrants: Suki Coonley, Kelly Parker, Ed Lorusso
Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Tactical Air Control Party-Modernization, Vehicular Communications System, Train the Trainer Course Materials
Submitter: Diane Swift
Entrants: Diane Swift, Heather Brown, Paul Costen
Additional Contributors: Michael Anderson
Company: Antech Systems Inc.


Getting Started: Doing Business with Fannie Mae
Submitter: Mary Wise
Entrants: Jacqueline Austin, William Cragg
Company: Fannie Mae

NIH and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Website
Submitter: Rob Wald
Entrants: Donna Messersmith, Bethany Hoffman, Beth Maloney
Additional Contributors: Yvonne Bersofsky, Samantha Fox
Company: Palladian Partners

Payoff Calendar
Submitter: Mary Wise
Entrants: Michele McNamara, Phil Corriveau, Kathleen Colliton
Company: Fannie Mae

U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Research Centers: An Overview of the Science
Submitter: Judy M. Wyrick
Entrants: Jennifer Bownas, Judy Wyrick, Biological and Environmental Research Information System
Additional Contributors: Shirley Andrews, Betty Mansfield, Holly Haun, Marissa Mills, Kris Christen, Sheryl Martin, Christopher Caldwell, Anita Alton
Company: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

WDC Chapter’s Technical Communication Competitions Winners Announced

Competitions winner ribbon for 2009

The STC Washington, DC Chapter is pleased to present the lists of winners for our local competitions for which we had 36 entries this year. Entry titles, contributors, and the organizations they represent are listed on the following pages.

Winners of the Distinguished Technical Communication Award go on to the STC International Technical Publication Competition (ITPC) or the International Online Communication Competition (IOCC). Winners of the international competitions are presented at the STC Annual Conference in May. (Student entries at this award level are not allowed as entries in the STC international competitions.)

All net proceeds from the chapter’s competitions will benefit our award funds for high school and college students. In each competition, the student who submits the best student entry will receive an $800 scholarship. (If the entry has multiple contributors, the $800 scholarship will be divided among them.)

Best of Show and Best Student Entry Winners

Competitions Best of Show ribbon

"Our Changing Planet: The View from Space" is the 2009-2010 Technical Publications Competition Best of Show Winner entered by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Contributors to this entry are the following:
Michael King, Claire Parkinson, Winnie Humberson, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center;
Kim Partington, Polar Imaging Ltd.;
Robin Williams, Science Systems and Applications, Inc.;
Sally Bensusen, Marit Jentoft-Nilsen, Debbi McLean, Mark Malanoski, Wyle Information Systems, Inc.;
Jesse Allen, Robert Simmon, Sigma Space Corporation;
Reto Stockli, MeteoSwiss.

"Teknos: The Journal of Science, Mathematics, and Technology 2009" is the 2009-2010 Technical Publications Competition Best Student Entry Winner entered by Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Contributors to this entry are the following:
Aaron Koenig, John Woodwell, Kevin Boehm, Blair Graham, Su Hyen Bae, Akshay Deverakonda, Hari Devanathan, Siddarth Hariharan, Jeremy Owen, Esther Wang.

Awards Celebration and Seminar

The winners will receive their awards at the Awards Celebration and Seminar on 13 March 2010. TSA’s blogger, Curtis “Bob” Burns, manager of the Transportation Security Administration’s blog will present a Social Media Seminar.

All winning entries will be on display at the Awards Celebration. You do not need to be part of the competitions to attend. You may find some interesting ideas for your work by looking at the winning entries on display.

Please join us in congratulating all the winners of the 2009-2010 competitions.