We Mourn the Passing of Austin T. Brown, Former STC and STC WDCB President

Headshot of Austin T. Brown
Austin T. Brown

Austin Thomas Brown, past STC WDCB Chapter President (1981-1982), Director-Sponsor of STC’s Region 2 (1982-1986), STC President (1988-1989), and STC Fellow, passed away peacefully on March 21, 2019 at the age of 86.

In the 1990s, our chapter renamed its high school science writing contest to honor Austin, who had managed the contest for many years. The contest was first started in 1964 and provided an award and scholarship money to the top three winners of a competition open only to high school students in the Washington, DC area for the best technical papers. Austin joined STC in 1967 and took a special interest in the competition. We now call it Austin T. Brown Technical Communication Award, though is currently without a manager. We hope a new volunteer who is interested in managing a student competition will step up in the future. In lieu of this, the chapter began giving awards in 2009 for the best student entry in our Technical Communication Competition.

Not only did Austin provide exceptional leadership to STC and the Washington, DC-Baltimore chapter (then just the Washington, DC chapter) over many years, but his family named our chapter as the suggested recipient of financial donations in lieu of flowers in his obituary. Please read the obituary in his funeral program to learn about Austin’s illustrious career and fascinating life, and see several photos of him and his wonderful family.

We mourn the passing of Austin T. Brown and are thankful for his many contributions to our chapter and to the profession of technical communication.

1994 Student Writing Competition Winner Found

A 1994 winner of an Honorable Mention for the Austin T. Brown Technical Communication Award has identified herself. Kathleen Angelo, from James W. Robinson, Jr. Secondary, in Fairfax, VA has been added to the 1993-1994 Technical Communication Award Competition Winners page. She remembers that another student from her school also won an Honorable Mention but cannot remember her name.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of paper documentation, we don’t know the names of all winners from 1962-1994 student writing competitions. If you are one of them or have old newsletters or other announcements about winners from those years, please send the information to the webmaster. We want to honor all participants and winners of our former student technical writing awards from 1962-2002.