Carolyn Kelley Klinger is a new STC Associate Fellow

photo of Carolyn Kelley Klinger

Congratulations to chapter member, Carolyn Kelley Klinger, who is a newly elected Associate Fellow of STC. Carolyn joined STC in 1995 and has been an active volunteer for the STC Washington, DC chapter since 1998. She is a two-time past president of the STC Washington, DC Chapter and has held all the chapter’s Administrative Council roles and served on most of its committees. She is an enthusiastic booster of STC, speaking often to schools and professional groups about the benefits of the profession.

Carolyn has served the Society by acting as one of its representatives to the Bureau of Labor Statistics during STC’s recent successful bid for inclusion of technical communication in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. She served a two-year term on the STC Nominating Committee and is now serving on the Intercom Advisory Committee and STC Membership Committee.

We are extremely proud of Carolyn and all that she does for the chapter and the Society. Congratulations!

For information about the rank of STC Associate Fellow, see

Congratulations to New STC Fellow, David Dick!

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by stc-office on 20 January 2010

STC Class of 2010 Fellows and Associate Fellows Announced

STC is pleased to announce that 24 distinguished members have been named Fellows and Associate Fellows of the Society. They will be recognized at the Honors Banquet at the 2010 STC Summit in Dallas this year.

New Fellows:
Phylise Banner
Michelle Corbin
David Dick
Pamela Ecker
Russell Friend
Barbara Giammona
Ann-Marie Grissino
Kristine Haugseth
Alan Houser
Russell Kahn
Karen Lane
Deanne Levander
Sylvia Miller
Jack Molisani
Neil Perlin
Kathryn Poe
Gloria Reece
Thomas Reed
W.C. Wiese

New Associate Fellows:
Mona M.A. Albano
Barrie Byron
Angela Dianetti
Taryn Light
Nad Rosenberg

STC awards Associate Fellow to Senior Members who have attained distinction in the field of technical communication.

The rank of STC Fellow is conferred upon Associate Fellows who have attained such eminence in the field of technical communication that the Board deems them worthy of being singled out as one of the select few who have distinguished the Society and the profession.

All are welcome to attend the Honors Banquet; please purchase your ticket when you register for the conference.

Congratulations to all the honorees!

Applications for Fellow Due 5 October

The Fellows Nominating Committee invites each STC Associate Fellow who was inducted to that rank at or before the 2008 STC Annual Conference to submit information to the committee for their potential nomination to the rank of Fellow. This honor recognizes members’ achievements in the field of technical communication, contributions to STC, or both.

To be considered for selection as a Fellow, an Associate Fellow must have accomplished at least one of the following: (1) performed important work and attained distinction in the field of technical communication, (2) done notable original work that has contributed to the advancement of the field, or (3) made significant contributions to the Society and helped to tell STC’s powerful story. In addition, they must have attained eminence in the field of technical communication through their outstanding achievements in and contributions to the arts and science of technical communication.

Completed applications must be received by the Fellows Nominating Committee by electronic mail no later than 5 October. Send them to committee chair Christopher Juillet, email hidden; JavaScript is required. The STC Board of Directors will consider nominated candidates in January, 2010. The Society will recognize our new Fellows at an honors banquet in May at the 2010 STC Technical Communication Summit in Dallas, Texas.

For more information about the submission procedure and STC policies for Fellows nominations, refer to the Fellows Nominating Committee web page or contact committee chair Christopher Juillet, email hidden; JavaScript is required. STC looks forward to receiving your submissions!

Applications for nominating Associate Fellows are also due on 5 October. For information, see