WDCB Admin Council Update: Still Need Secretary and Treasurer nominations

We have received nominations / volunteers to run for chapter president, vice president, and at-large-directors on the administrative council. We still need some volunteers to run for chapter secretary and treasurer. Nominate yourself or someone else. Run again–we welcome experienced repeats. Send election nominations to the Nominations Manager.

A good election is always a contested election: so don’t be shy. Even though we’ve received names of volunteers who are willing to run for some offices, if you want to be a contender, nominate yourself!

Job descriptions for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and At-Large Director are at https://wdcb.stcwdc.org/about-us/admin-council/admin-council-roles/.

You don’t need a vision statement—just a willingness to volunteer, support our profession, and learn leadership skills.

If you don’t win the office of your choice, we can always use volunteers as committee managers. Gain some experience in leadership and in working with a group of volunteers. Our committees are described at https://wdcb.stcwdc.org/about-us/committees/ with links to the job descriptions for each position. To volunteer for a committee, fill out the Volunteer Signup form at https://wdcb.stcwdc.org/about-us/volunteers/volunteer/.

We want you. We need you. Join us!