Stephanie Sweet Conlan Says Why She Renewed Her STC Membership

April 13, 2014, "The reason I re-joined STC this week was because I saw (and applied for) a job on the STC jobs board." — Stephanie Sweet Conlan (in a Facebook message)

Thanks for rejoining, Stephanie, and thanks for letting us know why. We hope your job search goes well.

We'd like to hear from others about why they renewed their STC membership and why they joined the Washington, DC-Baltimore Chapter or a SIG. We'd also like to hear from those who didn't renew or renewed but dropped out of the chapter. We like to know what we are doing right and how we can improve to keep you interested and happy.

Access to the STC Jobs Board is just one benefit for being an STC member. For more benefits of being an STC member, see STC Membership Benefits. The Washington, DC-Baltimore chapter also has a Jobs Board where members may look for local job announcements and also post their résumés. Go to the WDCB Jobs Board now to see new announcements posted this week and to add your résumé.

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