STC’s new COO and Director of Community Relations

The STC Board and staff are committed to providing excellent service to community leaders and to the membership as a whole. With Evelyn McCamey‘s departure, we have reformulated the community relations position and have hired a highly skilled association executive who understands the full range of financial, legal and technological issues that affect both the Society and the communities, who can answer community leaders’ questions clearly and articulately, and who can make sure that the infrastructure can support the communities and STC. We upgraded the position and combined the responsibilities with operations for the entire Society to ensure community issues will be considered at the same time STC is developing its full infrastructure.

I am pleased to report that Diana Buttram will be joining us April 11 as STC’s new COO and Director of Community Relations. Diana is currently COO at the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) where she also serves as the liaison to its chapters. She greatly improved the relationship between chapters and the head office through communications programs and the infrastructure to meet the needs of the chapters. Over the years, she has developed expertise in every area of association operations. She has overseen the development of three websites and four database conversions. She has worked with iMIS in three previous associations, including a conversion from another platform to iMIS in her latest position. She has a strong financial management and governance background, and has worked with a wide variety of Boards, committees and chapters. The IT function will be reporting to Diana to ensure it meets the operational needs of the organization and its communities.

Diana is finishing up her COO responsibilities at ACHCA until April, but will join us a few half days a week until then. This will be a chance for her to get an overview of the tasks ahead of her and develop a list of priorities. This orientation time for Diana is particularly important since Merrick Bechini, Director of IT, has announced his long intended career shift. Merrick will be working for Quantum Leap Innovation, a technology company with offices in Virginia and at the University of Delaware. The company specializes in applying agent-based modeling to pandemic and biowarfare problems for both government and private sector clients. He will be working with Geographic Information System technologies and helping with new product and program identification. Merrick’s last day is Tuesday, March 18. Please feel free to send him a thank you email for all of his years of service to STC.

These changes will have a POSITIVE impact on chapters and SIGs in several ways:

  • In the long run the STC operations and infrastructure will be much stronger. Each improvement will be considered with the communities in mind.
  • In short run, we ask for your patience and goodwill as we complete the planning and implementation of each improvement to iMIS, website, Forum or other technical support.
  • In all other areas, you can continue to rely on Jackie Damrau, head, Leadership Community Resource and Judith Herr, SIG Advocate, to carry your messages to the Board on a variety of governance, political or operational issues in your communities.
    Jackie can be reached at 214-505-0100 email hidden; JavaScript is required
    Judith at 925-443-4514 or email hidden; JavaScript is required

If you have an issue that needs to be addressed by a member of staff, we encourage you to contact the responsible staff person directly. Attached is a list of individuals to contact at the STC Office (please, keep this listing for easy reference in the future). When contacting Diana during her first few weeks please be sure to copy all emails to Stacey O’Donnell at email hidden; JavaScript is required to ensure prompt handling of inquiries or problems. Diana will start full time as of April 11, but she’ll need several weeks to get accustomed to the operational demands.

You will be receiving a communication from Jackie and Judith about how you can help Diana learn more about STC. Your wholehearted desire to work cooperatively with the STC office to benefit our members is so critically important for the partnership between the communities and Society and appreciated. Thank you for your leadership and dedication to STC.

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Executive Director
Society for Technical Communication
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Direct (NEW): +1 571 366 1901
Office: +1 703 522 4114
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