STC Tweets at Twemes & Live Blogging

Technical Summit tweets are aggregated at Twemes.
About Twemes:

[Note: Shut Down, September 30, 2011] follows public tweets (messages) that have embedded tags that start with a # character. These are sometimes called hashtags but we like to use the term “twemes”.

Through the use of twemes, we can all view what people are talking about across the whole Twitter universe. In some sense, this can be thought of as an adhoc chatroom. We also pull in recent public photos from Flickr and public bookmarks from is particularly useful for keeping up on the real-time activities associated with a live event such as a conference. People who attend an event can choose an obvious tag (i.e., sxsw for South by Southwest) and use this tag as #sxsw in tweets, sxsw in uploaded Flickr photos and links. also allows for adhoc polls to be created associated to a tweme.

During the conference, live blogging about the technical summit was made available by Char James-Tanny on Scribblelive (a content marketing software platform). You may review the posts there for the following sessions:
* STC 2008 “STC Salary Database”
* STC 2008 “It’s Not the Software, It’s the Features”
* STC 2008 “Leadership Day”

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