STC to Record Entire Conference in Atlanta!

56th Annual Conference logo.
56th Annual Conference logo.

We have exciting news about the 2009 Technical Communication Summit to be held 3-6 May 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. The STC Board of Directors has just approved the purchase of conference management software that will give STC the capability to record the entire conference. The audio recording will be synchronized with the PowerPoint presentation and be available to each conference attendee as part of their registration package. This will give attendees the opportunity to “attend” all sessions they could not attend on site, virtually, and at their leisure. STC will also make the package available, at a significant fee, after the conference to those who did not attend. This will mean that speakers will be asked to grant STC the copyright on the session you present. While the exact wording is still with our attorney, STC would request that speakers grant to STC a royalty-free license to use, reproduce, and distribute presentations, with appropriate attribution to the speaker. This license would not change the fact that the speaker retains copyright ownership of the presentation, and is not prohibited from using the presentation in any way or from allowing others to use it.

STC looks forward to this addition to our conference capability and feels that it will greatly enhance the value of the Technical Communication Summit to all. Questions about this may be directed to Lloyd Tucker, Director of Education, STC.

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