STC to Allow Revisions and Additions to Buyers Guide

The following is from STC…

How come I’m not listed?

We’re sorry that some members and companies missed the opportunity to be listed in the STC Online Buyers Guide & Consultant Directory. buyers-guilde-sm-logo1We tried to give every vendor who has advertised or exhibited at the STC annual conference, and every member who considers themselves a consultant or independent contractor, the opportunity to be listed. We sent blast emails, announcements, and posted messages on the website. But it may be that the combination of hot weather and summer vacations prevented our messages about the Buyers Guide & Directory from being noticed.

Can I still get in?

We will be making corrections and one-time additions at the end of September. You can purchase a standard listing in one category for $25, a premium listing with a 50-word description for $50, or a Premium Plus listing, which includes both a 50-word description and your logo, for $100. Additional category listings (with same text) can be purchased for $25. Please send your listing as you wish it to appear with prepayment (credit card preferred) to Tom Gorski. Your listing will appear alphabetically by last name unless you indicate that you want it to be by company name. Corrections and additions will close on 23 September. (That deadline is firm.)

Our format for listing is:

  • Individual’s name
  • Company
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Phone (+1 (AC) xxx-xxxx
  • Email
  • Website

The STC Online Buyers Guide & Consultant Directory will be on the website until 31 March 2010. As we begin our planning for the next version, we will look at doing it as a database in HTML and other improvements.

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