STC Offers Split-payment Option for Members’ Dues

STC officials have initiated an option for members to split their dues into four equal payments spread over four months. This optional payment plan is available for both new and renewing members and for all categories of membership except students.

Payments must be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX). Checks are not accepted for split payments. Payments are manually processed by staff and cannot be completed by the applicant online.

The payments will begin with the receipt of the membership application or renewal. A charge is made on the day of receipt for one-fourth of the total amount owed. A second one-fourth charge is made one month later, the third payment another month later, and the final payment is charged in the fourth month.

STC Director of Membership Lloyd Tucker outlined an example of what happens: “If a person sends in their request for split payment on 2 April for classic dues totaling $175, STC charges one-fourth of that amount ($43.75) on 2 April. One month later, on 2 May, a second $43.75 is charged to the card. Then, on 2 June, the third payment of $43.75 is charged, and the final payment of $43.75 is charged on 2 July.”

“This is an experimental program that we’re offering during these tough times,” explained Tucker. “I think our members will appreciate being able to spread out their payments over four months.”

The split-payment option is well-timed. The membership renewal period ends 31 March.

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