STC Introduces the New Content Strategy SIG

The following is from the STC Office on 16 September 2009

The following information has been provided by SIG Manager Rahel Anne Bailie of the Content Strategy SIG. Please direct all questions to the SIG's leaders; contact information is at the bottom of the article.

The STC has a new Special Interest Group, the Content Strategy SIG. The momentum in the content strategy field of practice has been building during 2009, and a proliferation of communities has sprung up on the web. It seems that the business world has woken up to the conundrum of messiness of content, and realizes the need to get the situation under control. It could be that previous projects failed, or perhaps that there have been outside pressures to get their content fixed up. Whatever the impetus to adopt a content strategy, it is encouraging that there is an awareness building that content is a valuable corporate asset, and deserves to be managed with care.

The STC has responded quickly, providing its members with a valuable forum to build up the practice of content strategy. This will help members in several ways. Line staff can develop tactics to implement whatever strategy has been developed, or know that they can reasonably demand a strategy be developed and why, plus what the benefits are. Management can learn what benefits can be expected from a content strategy and figure out how to budget and plan for a strategy to be included. And content strategists can share the good, bad, and ugly of content strategies and work together to build a body of knowledge that can be used as a resource for each other and those who follow in their footsteps.

Interested STC members are invited to join this new SIG that promises to be vibrant, interesting, and useful. To add the Content Strategy SIG to your current membership, complete the Membership Upgrade Change Form (.pdf) and return it to STC, or simply check the SIG when you renew your membership.

Leaders are also looking for help with administering the SIG. Currently, the SIG Manager is Rahel Anne Bailie, and the Webmaster is Will Sansbury. Bailie states that an Assistant Manager and a Knowledge Base Manager would be appreciated and asks that members who have some time and want to be part of this exciting venture, please come forward.

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