STC Bylaws Approved

Referendum Approves New Bylaws for STC

The STC 2007 Bylaws Referendum ended at noon EST on November 1, 2007. In total 802 votes were cast. For 775 votes (96.63%); Against 27 votes (3.37%).

The approved Bylaws were amended in March 2008. The March 2008 version of the Bylaws is now available: STC Bylaws, amended March 2008.

The need for amended bylaws was driven by:

  • United States Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) requirements. The IRS has tightened up requirements relating to non-profit associations. This has particular importance for communities.
  • Compliance with New York state law. STC is incorporated in the state of New York. STC’s bylaws must conform to New York state law.
  • A need for streamlining. Numerous additions over the 50-year history of STC made the old bylaws overly complicated.
  • A need for clarity. The old bylaws were ambiguous or unclear on some important issues.

The chapter’s current Bylaws will be revised as needed based on the Society’s new Bylaws. The changes will be sent to the Society for review and approval. Chapter members will have the opportunity to review the chapter’s revised Bylaws and vote for final approval within the next few months.

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