STC 2012 Election — Meet the Candidates

STC Elections 2012The 2012 STC Election will take place Friday, 2 March, through Friday, 23 March. The 2012 STC Ballot is not yet available. When the election opens, a link to the online Ballot will be posted here.

Find out more about the election, get to know the candidates, and pose questions by visiting the STC Election web pages.


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photo of Nicky BleielNicky Bleiel—STC Candidate for Vice President

Find out more about Nicky Bleiel by visiting her website and by reading her Newsletter Article [no longer available, 2018] about the election and her vision for the Society.

Some of us will remember Nicky for her encouraging and enthusiastic participation in the Virtual Town Hall meeting on January 25, 2012. Nicky will be the featured speaker at our awards celebration on March 21st (new date), so we can meet her in person during the election cycle.

Ray Gallon, candidate for Director

Ray Gallon—STC Candidate for Director

Ray is an independent consultant specializing in the convergence of content strategy, content development, and usability. He is currently in his second term as president of STC France. Before that, he was the chapter's education outreach manager, and guided STC France's mentoring programme.

Ray will be posting specific articles about important issues on his personal blog, related to his strategy of Radical Persuasion. Join him there, and leave your comments, or raise the issues that concern you the most.

As we hear from other candidates, we will be posting updates on our Chapter blog, so stay tuned as we prepare for the 2012 elections.

Good luck to Nicky, Ray, and all the STC candidates.

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