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Handouts and presentations for this year to be posted soon. Contact the following for information about how to supply a handout to be posted to this site:


April 13, 2016
"Using Eventbrite to manage your event registration" (17 slides .pptx) presented to the STC Community Affairs Committee (CAC) by Teresa Nguyen and Viqui Dill.
April 2, 2016
"Applying Research to Projects: Understanding Users" (54 slides .pptx) presented to the Conduit ’16, for the Society for Technical Communication Philadelphia Metro Chapter by Ginny Redish. Ginny's interactive session focused on content as conversation, research from many sources on understanding users, and the practical guidelines we can draw from that research.
29 March 2016
"From Fred Flintstone to George Jetson: Creating Tension in Training Increases Adoption". Talk given to STC New England Interchange (62 slides pptx) by Viqui Dill.
March 2016
"How Professional Organizations Can Help Your Career". Presented to George Mason University STC chapter (17 slides pptx) by Viqui Dill and Greta Boiler.


June 2015
"Saying Thank You. Saying I’m Sorry. When #TechComm goes all wrong". Presented to STC Summit 15 (20 slides pptx) by Viqui Dill.
April 21, 2015
"5 Rules for Resumes that Work" (Presented to STC WDCB and the GMU STC Student Chapter) Slides: https://www.technicalcommunicationcenter.com/2015/04/22/5-rules-for-resumes-that-work/ Handout: The sample resume template Ugur Akinsi used during the presentation: https://www.technicalcommunicationcenter.com/2014/07/10/accountant-resume-sample/
April 21, 2015
"Expose your best self online: Using social media to enhance your job search" (Presented to STC WDCB and the GMU STC Student Chapter) Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/viqui_dill/expose-your-best-self-online Handout: https://www.slideshare.net/viqui_dill/expose-your-best-self-online-using-social-media-to-enhance-your-job-search by Viqui Dill
April 21, 2015
"Creating Your Writing Portfolio" (Presented to STC WDCB and the GMU STC Student Chapter) Slides: Creating Your Writing Portfolio presentation (77.4 Kb pptx) by Melissa Kulm
25 March 2015
"Let Me Touch It: Don't Demo Your Training". Talk given to STC New England Interchange (27 slides pptx) by Viqui Dill.
January 28, 2015
"Minimalism" (Presented to STC WDCB and InfoDevDC) https://www.slideshare.net/PublishingSmarter/minimalism-for-dc, by Bernard Aschwanden, Publishing Smarter
January 28, 2015
"Minimalism Doesn't Mean No Concepts" (Presented to STC WDCB and InfoDevDC) https://www.slideshare.net/Culturecom/minimalism-doesnt-mean-no-concepts, by Ray Gallon, Independent Consultant


December 9, 2014
"Putting Out Fires with Content Strategy (InfoDevDC meetup)" https://www.slideshare.net/JohnCollins22/putting-out-fires-with-content-strategy-infodevdc-meetup, by John Collins, Senior UX Content Strategist at Rosetta Stone
22 October 2014
TechComm Careers (Updated) slides (30 pages .pptx) a PowerPoint presentation given to Dr. Liz Angeli's classes at Towson University, 22 October 2014. Presented by Carolyn Kelley Klinger
October 7, 2014
"Getting Organized: Practical Guidelines for Documentation Scalability" https://www.slideshare.net/rrabil/getting-organized-practical-guidelines-for-documentation-scalability by Richard Rabil, Senior Technical Writer at Opower
6 October 2014
"Writing for Small, Writing for Touch" Supporting the Language of Touch, Gestures, and Voice in Technical Documentation slides (26 pages .pdf) presentation by Joe Welinske, WritersUA.com
30 July 2014
Summer Vision Day PowerPoint Slides (3.2 Mb .pptx) of the Summer Vision Day meeting.
Summit May 2014
"Don't Duplicate It, Include It!" slides (17 pages .pptx) a How-to-do-a-Wiki PowerPoint presentation given STC Summit 2014, Phoenix, Arizona. Presented by Carolyn Kelley Klinger
"Perfecting the Technical Communicator’s Hat Trick Why My Hair’s Messy"

presented by Liz Herman.

May 2014
"Social media is not the devil – lyrics and script". Lightning Talk at #STC14 (3 slides pptx) by Viqui Dill.
7 April 2014
Information Everywhere: Flexible Content with Responsive Design slides (35 pages .ppt) from her presentation, "Information Everywhere: Flexible Content with Responsive Design", by Nicky Bleiel
21 March 2014
Evolution of the Knowledge Broker slides (52 pages .pdf) from their presentation, "Evolution of the Knowledge Broker: Trading your content for revenue", by Christopher Ward and Bernard Aschwanden
20 February 2014
Careers in Technical Communication slides (30 pages .pptx), a PowerPoint presentation given to Allen Brizee's Rhetoric of Professional Writing Class, Loyola University Maryland, February 20, 2014. Presented by Carolyn Kelley Klinger. Slides by Carolyn Kelley Klinger, Rachel Houghton, Bethany Aguad, Dan Voss, Lisa Mileusnich, and Lori Meyer.
23 January 2014
Cultivating Content: Designing Wiki Solutions That Scale by Rebecca Glassman, Opower. Rebecca also presented this information at the Atlassian Summit 2013. That version has captioning and is available from YouTube.
Cultivating Content Presentation Slides (available to registered attendees only). [Password is required—contact the password coordinator]


14 November 2013
"Social Media Webinar – STC CAC websites wikis part 2". STC Webinar 15 (55 slides pptx) by Viqui Dill. Webinar recording.
4 November 2013
"Social Media Webinar – STC CAC websites wikis part 1". STC Webinar (20 slides pptx) by Viqui Dill. Webinar recording.
17 October 2013
New International Standard for Websites with Technical Information (AdobeConnect presentation starts at 5:32 into the recording) presented by Annette Reilly, Ph.D., CSDP, CSEP, PMP, STC Fellow, IEEE Sr. Member and Computer Society Golden Core.
12 September 2013
Transform Your Work and Life in 12 Easy Steps—Start Now! (1.1 Mb .pdf) presented by Judith Shenouda.
15 July 2013
Summer Vision Day meeting recording (15.3 Mb .pptx) of the Summer Vision Day meeting (audio and slides).
Super Power Survey, 2013 slides (1.6 Mb .pdf) presented at the Summer Vision Day meeting.
Super Power Survey, 2013 slides (1.6 Mb .pdf) on SlideShare.
24 June 2013
"Efficient and Graceful Multi-Channel Content Authoring and Publishing". (39 slides pptx) Presented by Joe Welinske. slideshow.
May 2013
"Every Topic is Page One". Presented to STC Summit 13 (20 slides pptx) by Viqui Dill. Handout.
13 March 2013
I'm a Super Hero Ice Breaker (2.6 Mb .pdf) slides presented at our competition awards celebration.
I'm a Super Hero Ice Breaker slides (2.6 Mb .pdf) on SlideShare.


21 March 2012
Nicky Bleiel’s Online Help keynote presentation at the Competition Awards Celebration.
25 January 2012
Virtual Town Hall meeting (.pdf)
STC Social Media Survey powerpoint slide show


24 October 2011
PowerPoint slides from our 10/24/11 webinar on professional certification for technical communicators with speaker Steve Jong.
29 September 2011
Usability testing of market research surveys using EEG when usability testing PowerPoint slides from our 09/29/11 presentation by Caroline Jarrett.


20 April 2010
Careers and Jobs Speech (.pdf) by Hugh Owen from the "Top 5 Things That Help My Career: A Technical Communicator Panel Discussion"
Recommended Books List (.pdf) by Hugh Owen from the "Top 5 Things That Help My Career: A Technical Communicator Panel Discussion"
13 March 2010
"Engaging Your Target Audience Using Social Media" by seminar leader: "Blogger Bob" Burns, http://blog.tsa.gov/ (13MB .ppt)
23 January 2010
"Designing Accessible Documents for Everyone" by Carolyn Kelley Klinger
WordFrameMakerPDF_508compliant.pdf (36 Kb .pdf)


10 October 2009
Developing Accessible PDF Documents slides (32 pages .pptx) a PowerPoint presentation given Accessibility Camp DC. Presented by Carolyn Kelley Klinger
4 June 2009
"Lost Your Job? Gain Control with Action Based Communication™ During the Interview" by Renée Barnow (392KB .pdf)
"Getting Interviews (Informational and Job)" by Nancy Abramson (14KB .pdf)
"Job Websites 2009" by Nancy Abramson (26KB .pdf)
26 March 2009
How *WE* Are Smarter Than *ME*: An In-Depth Look Into Wikinomics
(speaker: Julia Loughran, ThoughtLink, Inc.)
"STC Wikinomics presentation" (2.7MB PowerPoint slides)
PDF version of the presentation (17.2MB .pdf)
These slides are also available at SlideShare.net


18 November 2008
Handout for "Web 2.0 and Technical Communication – How the New Internet is Increasing Communication" What Is The Value Of Technical Communication In A Time Of Blogging? trifold (38.7Kb .pdf)
(speaker: Dick Davies, President of Sales Lab Incorporated and a partner in Planphoria)

Instructions for Downloading and Playing Recorded Webinars.

28 January 2008
Recorded Webinar: Cool Tools for Tech Writers for Less Than $100 (29.2MB zipped audio archive for Windows only; IE only; Windows Media Player only [Password is required—contact the password coordinator]
(speaker: Nicoletta Bleiel)
Handout: Cool Tools for Tech Writers for Less Than $100 (40.4Kb .pdf)
(speaker: Nicoletta Bleiel)


12 June 2007
CIC SIG Podcast: Breaking Out of Solitary Confinement: Networking Tips for Freelancers, Work-at-Homers, and Other Professionals
(speaker: Carolyn Kelley Klinger, Gabe Goldberg, and Kristen King)
10 January 2007
Moving from Technical Communication to Software Testing and Creating Webinars using Articulate and PowerPoint Progression:
"Using Articulate Presenter in 10 Easy Steps" (427.6KB .pdf)
(speaker: Mary R. Wise)


09 November 2006
Project Management and FAQ Writing Progression:
"How To Write FAQs That Help Users Help Themselves" (1.4MB zipped PowerPoint slides)
(speaker: Leslie O'Flahavan, E-WRITE)
"Frequently Asked Questions Style Guide" (416K .pdf)
(speaker: Leslie O'Flahavan, E-WRITE)
"Essential Project Management Skills for Technical Writers" (16K zipped PowerPoint slides)
(speaker: Marylyn G. King)
04 February 2006
Awards Celebration Workshop Presentation: "Plain Language" (447K zipped PowerPoint slides)
(speaker: Annetta Cheek, Ph.D.)


13 January 2005
"Strategic Planning for Your Life" (410K .pdf)
(speaker: Judy Glick-Smith)


18 November 2004
Documentation Project Management Workshop
(speaker: Charles Fisher, Jr.)
"An Introduction to Documentation Project Management" (979K PowerPoint slides)
Workshop exercises (140K .pdf)
12 October 2004
Single Sourcing by Design: A Gradual Approach
(speaker: John Hawkins)
"Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) for AuthorIT" (243K .pdf)
"A Gradual Approach to A Gradual Approach to Single Sourcing" (1.6M .pdf)
28 April 2004
"Writing Great Web Content Within a Content Management System" (2.06M PowerPoint slides)
(speaker: Leslie O'Flahavan)
20 March 2004 – Tech Comm Career Day
"Creating Online and Print Portfolios" (48K PowerPoint slides)
(speaker: Melissa Brown)
"Salary Negotiation in a Tough Economy" (145K .pdf)
(speaker: Conni Evans)
"Personal Branding: The importance of branding to distinguish yourself in a sea of professionals" (198K PowerPoint slides)
(speaker: Marissa Levin)
  Additional handouts:

"Interviewing Techniques — Manager's Perspective" (58K .pdf)
(speaker: Ann Ray)
"Fine Tuning your MS Word Skills So You Can Get the Better Job" (293K .pdf)
(speaker: Eddie VanArsdall)
11 March 2004 – Chocolate Tasting Scholarship Fundraiser
"Recipes from Chef Geoff's" (98K .pdf)
07 February 2004
Awards Celebration and Workshop: "Document Design for Print and Online: A Real World Approach" (224K PowerPoint slides)
(speaker Saul Carliner)
Press release written by Iris Portny (91 KB .pdf)


10 December 2003
Section 508: Background, Practical Strategies and New Technologies
(speakers: Bill Killam, Cynthia Lockley, and Kathy Bine)
"Section 508, Accessibility, and CSS: Useful URLs for designing Web pages"
28 October 2003
Usability SIG: Update – 2006 Guidelines: "Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines" also available in PDF format (157.4 MB .pdf).
2003 handouts: "Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines" (All program handouts 6.13M ZIP)
(speakers: Sanjay J. Koyani, Dr. Robert W. Bailey, and Janice R. Nall)
  Individual program handouts:

24 September 2003
"Moving Towards Single Sourcing with Reusable Learning Objects on a Budget Using Microsoft Word"
(speaker: Jocolyn Weeks)
18-21 May 2003
STC 50th Annual Conference, Dallas Texas presentation
(speaker: Mary R. Wise)
"Servant Leadership in the Clueless Layer" (274.8K PowerPoint slides)
15 March 2003 – Tech Comm Career Day
"Proposal Management Basics and Tips on Proposal Writing" (229K PowerPoint slides)
(speaker: Kristen Sweet)
"Go for the Gold — Making Money in Technical Writing" (59K .pdf)
(speaker: Carolyn Kelley Klinger)
"Interviewing Companies — Getting the Information YOU Need" (92K .pdf)
(speaker: Chris Benz)
"Tips for Writing Federal and Civilian Résumés" (87K .pdf)
(speaker: Daree Allen-Woodard)
"Integrating Your Interests and Career Goals in Your Current Work" (77K .pdf)
(speaker: Ruth M. Schimel, Ph.D.)
05 March 2003
"Planning Usability Into Your Product – The How and When of Usability Evaluation" (381K .pdf)
(speaker: Scott McDaniel)
"Usability Tests and Heuristic Reviews – Planning and Estimation Worksheets" (83K .pdf)
(speaker: Scott McDaniel)
08 February 2003
"Getting Good PDF" (188K .pdf)
(speaker: Sharon Burton-Hardin)
15 January 2003
"Freelance Workers: Individual & Corporate Perspectives"
(speaker: Gene Zaino)


14 November 2002
"Revealing Your Hidden Value" (88K .pdf)
(speaker: Suzanna Laurent)
28 October 2002
"Winning Competitive Proposals: Proven Tools and Processes"
(speakers: Joseph T. Nocerino and Maureen Cooney)
Program handouts are available at the Century Planning website. You may also contact the speakers, Joe Nocerino or Maureen Cooney.
21 February 2002
"Implementing Context-Sensitive Help" (62K .pdf)
(speaker: Paul A. O'Rear)
10 January 2002
"Stop Plugging Up the Dam, and Help Build It Better! The Changing Role of Technical Communicators from Traditional Documentation Deliverables to Product Design" (181K .pdf) (speaker: Andrea L. Ames)


12 November 2001
"How You Can Think Like an Information Architect and Improve Your Organization's Performance"
(speaker: Thom Haller)
His website used to have links to all the handouts and related information presented at the November program.
17 October 2001
"Indexing for Tech Writers 101: Lambs to the Slaughter" (60K .pdf)
(speaker: Maria Coughlin)
03 May 2001
"Designing and Deploying Browser-Based User Assistance" (419K zipped PowerPoint file)
(speaker: Ben Weisner, Weisner Associates Inc.)
24 March 2001
Technical Communication Progression and Résumé Review:
Chris Benz, "Interviews, Salary Negotiations, and Other Scary Employment Issues" (142K .pdf)
Jonathan Hine, "The world on a string: technical translation" (60K zipped PowerPoint file)
Roger Munger, "Designing job search portfolios for cranky, skeptical, and tired interviewers" (49K zipped PowerPoint file)
Elizabeth Pass, "Web TechnoLust" (106K .pdf)
Annette Reilly, "Go do the right thing: ethics for technical communicators" (144K .pdf)
Thea Teich, "Are you ready to be self-employed? Report from five years in the self-employment trenches" (12K .pdf)
Mary Wise, "Distance Learning" (303K zipped PowerPoint file)
Mike Zerbe, "Out of the Isolation Closet and into the Conference Room: Technical Writers and Editors as Part of the Project Team" (90K .pdf)
07 February 2001
"Structuring Your Documents to Maximize Reuse" (483K zipped PowerPoint® slides)
(speaker: Janice (Ginny) Redish, Ph.D.)
"Structuring Your Documents to Maximize Reuse" (644K .pdf)


01 November 2000
"User-Centered Design 101: Bringing usability to a product near you"
(speaker: Whitney Quesenbery, Cognetics Corporation)
Handout material was on the Cognetics website at www.cognetics.com but is no longer available as of 13sep04. This site also includes a corrected link for the Chaos article. It's actually the Standish Group, not the Gartner Group.
20 September 2000
The STC Brand Project: "Branding: More than a hot iron!" (1.3MB zipped PowerPoint® slides)
(speaker: Mary R. Wise)
"Branding: More than a hot iron!" (195K .pdf), "STC Brand at a Glance" (26K .pdf)


24 September 1998
"Follow the Arrows: Lessons from the Circus" (9K zipped PowerPoint® slides)
(speaker: Mary Wise)
Circus Lessons (32K .pdf), Slides with notes (18K zipped PowerPoint®), Slides with notes (54K .pdf)


12 December
"Home Pages and the World Wide Web" (210.5K .pdf) – Note: This presentation has not been updated since 1995. Some information may be outdated and some links may be no longer active.
(speaker: Cynthia A. Lockley)

Tips and Tricks

The following tips and tricks are provided by chapter members. These are left on the chairs for event attendees to read.

20 September 2000
"Converting Microsoft® Word files into PowerPoint slides" (32K .pdf)
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