Small Business Contracting and Writing Government Proposals Education

Do you need some government contracting guidelines and tips about writing small business proposals for government contracts?

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The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) provides online contracting courses designed to help prospective and existing small businesses understand the basics about contracting with government agencies. Whether you are just getting started or looking for ways to compete in the government contracting marketplace, these courses are for you. These self-paced courses include audio and take about 30 minutes to complete.

The Government Contracting Classroom

Pre-8(a) Business Development Program Training
Multi-Part Training Series
Government Contracting 101
Overview of Small Business Programs
Government Contracting 101
How the Government Buys
Government Contracting 101
How to Sell to the Government
How to Prepare Government Contract Proposals
A Guide for Small Businesses
Supplemental Workbook: How to Prepare Government Contract Proposals
Certificate of Competency
Program Overview
Business Opportunities:
A Guide to Winning Federal Contracts
HUBZone Primer:
How to qualify and apply to the HUBZone Program
The WOSB Advantage:
A Primer: Women Owned Small Business Program
Women Owned Small Business Program:
A Primer for Contracting Officers
Non-Manufacturer Rule Primer:
A Guide for Contracting Officers
Market Research:
A Guide for Contracting Officers
Veteran Owned Small Business – Contracting Programs
Price Evaluation Preference – HUBZone Program:
A Guide for Contracting Officers
Tribal Enterprise Business Guide
8(a) Business Development Program
ANC Business Guide
8(a) Business Development Program
NHO Business Guide
8(a) Business Development Program
Small Business Contracting
Emergency Acquisition Procedures
HUBZone Mini-Primer #1
Understanding HUBZone Designations
Small Business Primer
Understanding Small Business Size Standards and Affiliation
HUBZone Mini-Primer #2
Eligibility Requirements: Principal Office – Employees – Residency
HUBZone Mini-Primer #3
Understanding HUBZone Protests
Counterfeit Parts
Prevention and Guidance
Contracting with HUBZone Small Businesses
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