Reminder: Deadline for STCWDC competition entries is 19 November

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Photo Credit: Kristen Sweet

Entries are due by 7 p.m., 19 November. Competition rules and entry forms are available at You do not need to be a member of STC to enter or judge in the competition.

What can be entered?

Technical, scientific, medical, or similar content for external or internal audiences produced or revised within 24 months preceding 1 September 2010. These include Web sites, blogs, journals, teaching material, computer software and hardware manuals, illustrations of equipment, and online help for software applications. Entries may also include marketing and PR material from a technical organization such as brochures, corporate identity, newsletters, annual reports, policies and procedures, and employee guides.


Applications for judges are still being accepted. For information about judging entries and the types of judges needed, see the Call for Judges at Please apply to judge at

For more information, contact the competition managers at

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