Redundant Acronym Phrases (RAP) Project

2011-4 parrot in Strasbourg
Nandy Parakeet by J. Patrick Fischer (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes you can find useful technical communication information in the most unlikely places. The RAP Project is hidden in the Nandy Conure Page website. Birders will know that a nanday conure is a beautiful medium-small mostly green Neotropical parrot (also known as the black-hooded parakeet). This website has a gallery of fan pages devoted to individual birds in addition to FAQ and a forum for nandy conure lovers.

The Nandy website also provides links to other items of interest to nandy conure lovers and an odd assortment of helpful resources such as:

  • A page which will automatically Balance Chemical Equations and calculate product/reactant mass relationships for you.
  • A Vegetarian Cookbook and message board.
  • A page to help technical writers and editors avoid the redundant acronym phrase (RAP) syndrome. is the official home of the Redundant Acronym Phrase (RAP) project.

A RAP is a phrase containing an acronym plus a word or phrase such that, when the acronym is expanded, the phrase would contain a redundancy. This is best illustrated by an example: ATM machine. ATM is an acronym for automated teller machine. Thus, ATM machine really means automated teller machine machine.

Clearing redundant acronym phrases from your writing will help with translations of your writing and will improve accessibility when screen readers read the full spelled out meaning of an acronym for visually disabled users who would be puzzled hearing "machine machine".

See the Redundant Acronym Phrases (RAP) Project page for a complete current list of phrases in the project.

You are invited to suggest more possible redundant acronym phrases (must be actually used—not made up) using the contact form at

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