Photo Group Collections to Illustrate Your Blogs and Other Writing

Our Flickr account holds photos from conferences, banquets, and meetings. These are collected in photo albums on the Phot Albums page. In addition to the chapter's photos, we are connected to several groups in Flickr that contain interesting images to use for your blogs and other writing related to technical communication. Scroll to the section on the Photo Albums page called Group Photos and review the collection for each group. You'll be sure to find something you can use or get a few laughs. The groups are listed as follows:

  • Usability & Accessibility – Photos from the UPA.
  • This Is Broken – Photos about the brokenness (bad design) of items, places, etc.
  • ERROR – Photos of any and all kinds of errors… mainly dealing with computers.
  • Aesthetics of Failure – Photos of breakdowns, slippage, entropy (disambiguation), accident, glitches, failures in sound, image, concept, utopian and dystopian experiments.
  • Drafting & Drawing Instruments – Photos of all things related to drawing and drafting.
  • Writing Machines – Photos of typewriters, printing presses, and movable type—anything to do with the mechanical reproduction or creation of the written word.
  • Writing – Photos about writing and the life of writers. If you are a writer/journalist, you can show fragments of your writing life. Includes photos of handwritten pieces, pens, notebooks, Moleskines, and so on. Photos of people writing and artworks if the theme is “words, writing, writers”.
  • Written In Stone – Photos of inscriptions (i.e., words, phrases, names) carved into stone such as on tombs, monuments, and buildings.
  • Camera Toss – is a particular form of kinetic photography— the camera must be airborne and unobstructed by the photographer or other means.

    This is a “technique” group, and the technique here is regarded by some as insanity. For we are the reckless folks on flickr that enjoy the abstract, chance, generative, physical photography that results from throwing our cameras into the air (most often at night in front of varied light sources). It is about trading risk for reward in the pursuit of art. It is not about being a photographer, it is about enabling the photography that happens naturally when you let go of the process, give up control, and add a hell of alot more variables. It is about physics, gravity, angular momentum, acceleration, direction, chaos, and timing… most of which you have tenuous control of at best!

  • Travel Writing Bloggers – Photos that go with the words of travel writing and just traveling bloggers.
  • Travel Writing Photographs – Photos related to travel writing with links to blogs dedicated to writing fiction.
  • You Have to be Wealthy Everything that represents wealth – expensive cars, luxury houses, interiors, expensive furniture, rich man’s food, expensive yachts, etc… If that’s something that rich person would buy, eat, visit, sit on, rent, drive, wear or even talk to – get it here! The photos of actual rich persons are welcome too (but it has to be obvious from the photo that he or she is rich).
  • Flickr API – Photos related to Flickr API projects. The group’s aim is to drive awareness of the Flickr API, projects that use it, and those incredible ideas that programmatically exposed systems produce. Think Google API + Amazon API + Flickr API with a bit of GMail thrown in.
  • Washington, DC – Baltimore Chapter

If you encounter another group you think we should add, please send us a note with the name of the Flickr group.

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