New Chapter Members

The following people joined or renewed their membership with the STC Washington, DC chapter between July 2007 and April 2008. We welcome you and encourage you to participate in our online communities, which include this Events & News site and our chat list.

Joined or Renewed in July 2007
Lindley Ashline
Ronald Barnett
Jennifer Bishop
Laura Chamberlain
Joseph Glasco
Michele Harrison
Stella Korre
Dan McBay
Sarah McCormick
Daniel Mehaffey
Tumpa Rahman
Wendy Raulin
Kevin Schramm
Kate Walser
Janet Wolfe
Anthony Zanella
Joined or Renewed in August 2007
Peter Brennan
Heather Deavers
Danielle Huffman
Erin-Elizabeth Johnson
Shelly Kahil
Molly Lachance
Michele McNamara
Julie Miller
Pamela Porter
Cheryll Sachs
Olessia Smotrova-Taylor
Robert Waxman
Kathleen Wilson
Joined or Renewed in September 2007
Anne Marie Bitman
Jennifer Bitticks
Rolf Carter
Judy Edmonds
Mia Edwards
Erin Friday
Ingrida Kalnins
Liza Lyons
Yvette Maddox
Jaya Pandey
Fran Scher
Daniel Synk
Brian Wells
Transferred In September 2007
Lorrie Tate
Joined or Renewed in October 2007
Sara Anderson
Mary Breault
Lindsay Breitenberg
Barbara Brennan
John Canter
John Chang
Lara Fisher
Jordan Frith
Amy Gaberdiel
Teresa Garbee
Kelly Gerald
Jessica Hernninko
Joseph Keane
Jordan Lukianuk
Laura MacFie
Robert Moore
Christine Neidley
Iris-Marie Norvor
Stacey O’Donnell
Sherry Pebworth
Suzanne Tice
Joined or Renewed in November 2007
Ugur Akinci
Margaret Andersen
George Athey
Bennie Crowell
Diane D’Amico
Susan Dorsey
Robert Moody
Elizabeth Pohland
Cherrie Reid
Kateland Shane
Peter Sonnenreich
Joined or Renewed in December 2007
Jane Alvey
Jerome Anderson
Joseph Devney
Viqui Dill
Heather Finn
Phil Flench
William Hurlbut
Janice Levie
Cara Massey
Arianna McFarren
Tiffany Painter
Janice Redish
Sandra Smith
Dorothea White
Gloria Williams
Joined or Renewed in January 2008
Justin Bright
Stacey Chronister
Susan Coombs Ficke
Luis Crevoisier
Gloria Daly
Laura Farron
Victoria Hill
Monica Johnson
Laurel Walsh
Lynda Weeks
Rachel Wimer
Russell Woolard
Liz Worsham
Transferred In January 2008
Robert O. Bosworth
Lindsey A. Schourek
Joined or Renewed in February 2008
Steven Dorsey
Patricia Dulman
Tena Gash
Barbara Hamby
Leesa Hanagan
Maxine Hattery
Andrew Jacobson
Barb Meier
Susan Smith
Debra K. Van Orden
Transferred In February 2008
Steve S. Kapaun
Joined or Renewed in March 2008
Amanda Albach
Denise Axtell
Cherish Berna
Nancy Brady
Alicia Hawley
Lynn Jordan
Sarah E. Kotora
Steven Lemanski
Cheryl McNutt
Regina Mullen
Doreen M. Philipps
Anthony L. Quartieri
Transferred In March 2008
Deborah M. Grimstead
Joined or Renewed in April 2008
Bradley Apling
Sally Bennett
Luanne Greenaway
Maurice King
Pam Pierce-Johnston
Judith Sullivan
Nicole Truscello
Transferred In April 2008
Denise Joseph

As of 30 April 2008, Total Washington, DC Chapter members: 570

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Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication. STC member since June 1979. Director at Large, Washington, DC - Baltimore chapter and webmaster. Past chapter president of the Washington, DC chapter (1998-1999 and 2000-2001).