New Chapter Funding Model…

by guest author: W.C. Wiese, Treasurer, STC

Hello from the STC Annual Conference in Minneapolis!

If you’re here at the conference with me, I hope you heard the
exciting news during Leadership Day about the changes in the way
communities, primarily chapters, will be funded as we go forward.
The historic chapter funding formula will soon be gone. STC will
begin to collect chapter membership dues and send those funds
directly to the selected chapters.

Some background. As you know, for the first time in 20 years, STC
hired an executive director with outside experience. She was
surprised because no organization she knew of funded its communities
the way we have. This year, we invested in a state-of-the-art
association management system (AMS) that replaces the cumbersome and
labor-intensive system we’ve been using. The new AMS is used by many
other large associations and gives STC new capabilities we haven’t
had before.

We will transition in the following way:

The fall check will distribute funds as before, using the same
chapter funding formula. Your chapter financial report is due as soon
after June 30th as possible. After it has been approved by the STC
Office, STC will send a check based on $24 for the first 100 members,
$16 for the next 100 and $8 for members above 200. As before, checks
distributed beginning in September will be for half of the total
allowed by formula.

Beginning in January, possibly sooner, STC expects to provide $24for
each member who selects chapter membership as part of their Classic
Membership package. This money will pass directly to the selected
chapter. It is likely that chapters will receive twice their usual
funding amount in January. No funding will be withheld or delayed,
and most renewals are processed at the start of the year.

As additional members join during the year, chapters will receive
dues for them. Chapters will benefit from each new member they
recruit. STC will soon develop a method for chapters to recommend a
chapter dues value for the future. While $24 seems like a reasonable
amount, we want to find a future dues value that provides adequate
funding but encourages members to select the chapter membership

As previously announced, STC will continue to fund SIGs as we have in
the past, except that the available funding is now based on $8 per
member, which should increase the offerings that SIGs provide.
I am excited about the changes! I doubt that anyone has been happy
with how chapter funding has been derived in the past few years, me
included. The new system provides efficient, direct, and timely
funding for your programs and removes the administrative burden we’ve
lived with in the past.

Please join me in welcoming a better way of doing things, and the
promise of increased funding with which to serve your membership.
As always, I thank you for what you do!

W.C. Wiese
Treasurer, STC

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