Makarand Pandit, Candidate for STC Director

STC’s 2009 election begins on 10 March 2009 and runs until 9 April 2009.

The following message was submitted by a candidate for office. You may review the candidates’ biographies, ask them questions, and view their responses to questions posed by other members on the Candidates’ Page of the STC website. Information on casting your ballot will be sent to you prior to the opening of the election.

Makarand Pandit
Makarand Pandit

By Makarand (Mak) Pandit
Candidate for STC Director

Success is potential is fully utilized!

This is the definitions of success that I like the most! I believe that STC, as an organization, has a lot of potential. It has a major contribution to make to the society while fulfilling its purpose.

STC seemed like a fantasy when I first read about it 13 years back. I was the only Technical Writer that I knew back then, and I was reading about it in a library in Mumbai (about 120 miles away from Pune, the place where I live.) Little did I know that one day I will be nominated for the post of director of the same organization. After public Internet services started in India, I found STC web site, downloaded the membership form, and sent a check (payable at New York) to become a member.

After reading about the various chapter meetings and conferences in Intercom I started dreaming of forming an India Chapter. This dream too became a reality in a coupe of years.

STC India Chapter was formed in 1999. Since then STC has made its mark in India. It has touched lives, and helped shape careers of thousands of technical writers in India. Over last 10 years, STC India has grown into a vibrant community of volunteers. We had unique challenges and to overcome them we had to find unique solutions. Fortunately, many of the things we tried have worked. The awards credited to the India chapter vouch for that.

Having served STC India Chapter and AccessAbility SIG I got an opportunity to work with STC’s board as the co-manager of Global Membership Committee in 2006-2007. I got to learn a lot more including a realization that a lot still needs to be done!

STC, as a responsible organization, has to respond to the changing industrial, social, economic, and political environment of today. We have many challenges in front of us; including economic downturn, lost jobs, globalization, and eroding membership.

I believe that challenges when taken in the right spirit turn into opportunities!

As an experienced professional (nearly 15 years of work experience) and long time STC Volunteer, I feel I can contribute a lot to the community. Of course there is also a selfish motto of learning from other STC volunteers and officer bearers.

STC introduced me to many others like me, some much senior to me; and to many who became very dear to me in last 10-12 years. Through the India Chapter STC has touched not just my career but also my life. I feel like I belong to STC and it belongs to me.

The STC elections are just around the corner. You can find more information about me and all other nominated candidates on the STC website.

I have already committed some of my most productive hours to STC. If elected, the impact of my commitment will be much more.

Please do cast in your vote. It can make a difference to all of us!

God bless!

Yours truly,
Makarand (Mak) Pandit
Nominee – STC Director

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