MadCap Promotion for Unemployed & Skills Building STC Members

madcap_flare_logoMadCap, an STC Corporate Value Program (CVP) member, is looking for ways to support the technical communication community in this recession.

MadCap has a promotion for folks who are unemployed, or looking to build upon their skills. Flare + Free Jumpstart training + Free certification for $499. It is a way to give folks a chance to add Flare and some training to their “tool box” and hopefully make them more marketable.

MadCap is also hosting free tools-neutral webinars on Tech Comm topics. These free webinars are also recorded so you can view to them even if the day and time doesn’t work for you.

For more information about this special promotion or the webinars, see

If you have other thoughts on things MadCap can do to help, let Sharon Burton know at
email hidden; JavaScript is required.

UPDATE from Sharon Burton:

[If] you’re expecting these to be sales
webinars. They’re not.

Here’s what MadCap is trying to do: We’re trying to help with the really scary economic times. I remember the horror of 2002/2003 far too well. Too many tech writers out of work, suddenly trying to figure out how to update their skills and put themselves ahead to get one of those few jobs out there. How do you do that when you have little to no money?

Towards that end, MadCap is hosting (read: we’re paying for) a series of free, tools-neutral Tech Comm webinars. These are not cleverly disguised sales presentations.

I’m running this program and I’m making sure these are NOT about our product unless we say they are. In today’s webinar, I apologized for the MadCap specific info in the example spreadsheet we used but I know our data best so it was the best choice for the example to make the point. I included the other tools and I strongly encouraged people to use the spreadsheet with what ever tools they wish to use, but this data was the data I know best.

I couldn’t help people much in the last recession. In this one, I can make sure that Madcap *is* helping people. It matters to us that people are as prepared as possible.

So while, I suppose, this is “direct marketing”, the response to these webinars is overwhelming – 150 to 250 people signed up for each one with another 100 viewing the recordings. This is clearly meeting a need people have.

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