Karen Baranich, Candidate for STC Director

STC’s 2009 election begins on 10 March 2009 and runs until 9 April 2009.

The following message was submitted by a candidate for office. You may review the candidates’ biographies, ask them questions, and view their responses to questions posed by other members on the Candidates’ Page of the STC website. Information on casting your ballot will be sent to you prior to the opening of the election.

Karen Baranich
Karen Baranich

By Karen Baranich
Candidate for STC Director

Greetings. My name is Karen Baranich, and I am running for STC Director.

The worldwide financial status is bleak. Almost everyone has had to make lifestyle changes. For some of us, changes may be to eat out less or to take vacations closer to home. However, for many changes are more dire – how to keep from losing a home, how to meet bills, or where to find a job. How can we prosper as individuals and as an organization? What can STC realistically do for our members to help them flourish and survive as part of a viable and vibrant organization? How can we continue to attract and keep members when STC costs compete with other financial obligations? How can STC add the most value? These are questions that, I believe will be vital for the current and incoming Board to consider.

Professional development is essential. People learn differently, but learning keeps people engaged and interested in life. STC has the opportunity to be a "learning organization" and provide programs that develop our members. A continued and expanded focus on member education will allow us to deliver high-quality learning experiences, develop our members, and provide opportunities for growth, personal achievement, and recognition.

In the past year, my job has given me the opportunity to recruit and train the next generation of employees. It has been a challenge, especially with reduced training funds. Focusing on the strategic planning process helped us to begin rethinking professional development, collaboration, and communication practices. We are listening to the voices of our employees and looking at creative ways to reach and retain employees. Like businesses, STC needs to recruit and develop young members while supporting and leveraging the experience of our mature members. Creative solutions to recruitment and professional development are important to the long-term viability of STC. Planning, too, is more important than ever.

When things go well, people rarely make changes. By any standards, things are not going well right now. This provides STC with a unique opportunity – the opportunity to make changes that make us more responsive and useful to our members. This excites me!

Karen Baranich

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