It’s STC Election Time!

It’s election time in STC! The 2009 election for the Society is ongoing from 10 March 2009 through 9 April 2009. Information on casting your ballot was sent directly to all STC members in good standing.

Your vote will help determine who will be STC’s next…

  • 2nd Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Board Members
  • Nominating Committee

Remember to vote, and thank you for doing your part to make STC a vibrant, growing organization.

Do you know the candidates? Take this opportunity to get to know the individuals running for elected office at the Society level. We have posted candidates’ biographies here on this blog. You can also visit the Candidates’ Page on the STC website where you can review the candidates’ biographies, ask them questions, and view their responses to questions posed by other members.

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