How to Get to an Event

A New App for Your Phone

Are you scheduling a chapter event and need to tell people how to get there? I just discovered this while looking for a route to get to a local event. You might find this is a useful app to put on your phone.

Public Transit Information Anywhere in the World

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The Moovit app shows you the simplest way to travel by train, bus, tram, or subway! Choose a country/region and discover how to go anywhere with public transit, so you can travel like a local. Get the best routes to major attractions, streets, and stations with step by step directions, detailed schedules, maps, and more.

Traveling Around Washington, D.C. – Baltimore

  • Download the Moovit app for all your local transit options.
  • Type in your current location (or where you want to leave from) and where you want to go and it will immediately show where the nearest bus or Metro line might be and when the next train or bus is scheduled to arrive. View bus and train schedules, arrival times, service alerts, and detailed routes on a map, so you know exactly how to get to anywhere in Washington, D.C. – Baltimore, Maryland.
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