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Why Linda Oestreich is an STC Member

The value of STC membership is access to best-in-class technical communication education, award-winning publications, certification, career development, professional networking opportunities, and other exclusive member benefits. STC's mission is to advance the theory and practice of technical communication, and advance members' professional development. This mission benefits consumers worldwide.

Join or Renew your STC membership today to continue receiving exclusive benefits such as the member rate for the 2023 Summit in at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, GA, 14-17 May 2023 (STC's annual conference and exposition).

Please Note: Your dues may be tax deductible. For information, see

All STC memberships operate on a calendar year cycle and expire on 31 December. For new memberships or memberships that have lapsed more than one year, there is a $15 enrollment fee.

We encourage you to add the Washington, DC – Baltimore Chapter as your home chapter or add it in addition to other chapters and SIGs you may join.

Why should you join STC and the Washington, DC – Baltimore Chapter? The Washington, DC – Baltimore Chapter offers many opportunities to network with others in your field in the Washington, DC metropolitan area such as (when in-person gatherings are available) First Friday Lunches, Happy Hours, and chapter events. You can explore your interests and expand your education and skills by attending virtual or in-person webinars, workshops, and TC Summer Camp. You are also invited to participate in chapter committees and our technical communication competition. See Why Should You Join the WDCB Chapter? for more reasons to join the chapter.

Membership Benefits

See the full list of technical communication education and training programs, career development, professional networking opportunities, and exclusive member benefits at

How to Join

16 month membership rates for the price of 12!
See the following links for more information about STC and how to join:

Adjusted Dues

If you join later in the year, STC membership rates are adjusted to accommodate for the smaller amount of time your calendar year membership will be active. For more information on the adjusted rate for membership, see Dues Schedule Policy.

Countries and Territories with Adjusted Dues

For members who are residents in emerging countries and territories, you are eligible for reduced membership rates in the Professional & Academic and Student categories. Any other category can be purchased at the standard rate. For more information on eligibility and rates, see the FAQ question &quot:Do I qualify as an Emerging Nation member?" for the lists of Countries and Territories with Adjusted Dues.

Retired Membership Dues

To qualify for retired membership, you must be 65 years of age or older, working 20 hours or less in the field, and be a consecutive member of STC for 10 years or more.

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Deadline for the Call for Proposals is Extended to 30 September!

Logo for STC Summit Conference

The Call for Proposals for STC's 2023 Technical Communication is open through 11:59 PM US Eastern on Friday, 30 September 2022.

The onsite event will run 14-17 May 2023 at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, GA. The Summit will offer preconference workshops (available for a separate fee) and regular conference sessions.

STC is looking for top-notch presenters to engage our attendees with technical communication trends, tools, and techniques shared through how-to sessions, demonstrations, and applied practice. See the Call for Proposals page for more information.

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Looking for Volunteers to Help Solve Two Problems with Our Websites


I need some help with our websites.

Problem 1

We used to be able to simultaneously share a post to our Facebook Page but that stopped working some time ago. There used to be a plugin that did that but it no longer works. I’ve tried various things to get it to work again with the changing Facebook sharing requirements but I’ve failed. I created an app that is supposed to simultaneously share a WordPress post to our Facebook page but I cannot get it through the Facebook App Review process even though I’ve followed every one of the Facebook steps to do this. If you have volunteer time available to work on our website and know how to do this or can figure this out, please use the Contact Us page at

Problem 2

Several new chapter-related items have been created to sell in our CafePress store but there is a presentation problem. When going to the store catalog and clicking on a product to view, the user should be able to see the product and the various size and color options for it. But instead of that, only the chapter logo is showing and the user can’t buy the item. The help available for this is through the CafePress forums and no one has been able to explain why this is not working as it should. If you have volunteer time available to work on our website and know how to fix this display problem, please use the Contact Us page at

Thanks in advance for your volunteer help.

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