Europe and International SIGs to do a joint progression at 2010 Technical Summit

The following announcement is from Jennifer O'Neill, Europe SIG Manager.

For the second year running, the International Technical Communication SIG and the Europe SIG are going to do a joint progression on international issues related to technical communication.

If you're interested in presenting a topic related to localisation, internationalisation, cross-cultural/cross-language communication, working abroad, legal issues related to international communication, or another topic related to international or specifically Europe (or indeed EMEA – Europe, Middle East and Africa) drop me a note and I'll start organising some ideas.

For the moment send your ideas to me (email hidden; JavaScript is required). I'll gather them together with Tracy Nathans-Kelly of the International SIG and we'll post a list so that everyone can see what they could contribute.

I've done a few progressions at the annual conferences and they are fun and stimulating. A very interactive way to discuss a topic.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 5 October 2009. So there's not too much time left.

Manager, Europe SIG

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