Deciding Whether or Not to Renew

[Links updated and lead-in text: 20Jul19]
[Thanks to Richard Mateosian of the Berkeley Chapter for allowing me to use much of his text below. 12/7/09: Updated membership details. CKK]

STC has announced its dues structure for 2010, and for many of us it amounts to a significant increase.

The questions we all have to ask ourselves are

  • Is STC worth the cost, given my situation and financial priorities?
  • If so, how do I make STC fit into my budget?
  • If not, how do I continue to take advantage of my STC network?

For me, the answer to the first question is yes, but you have to answer it for yourself. STC offers some points worth considering on STC's "Membership Levels and Benefits" page at They have added new membership benefits recently, so you might want to check them out.See the Membership Value Calculator for a breakdow of each benefit at

To help fit STC into your budget, STC has provided a Basic membership and a Gold membership. The basic membership includes online publications. Membership FAQ is at You can buy a chapter memberships for $25 a chapter and SIG memberships for $10 a SIG on top of the basic membership. The Gold membership includes many more. See the comparison of membership levels at Membership Benefits. STC provides a plan that enables you to pay for your membership in four monthly installments.

STC has also set money aside from one of their scholarship funds to help a limited but substantial number of underemployed members renew. They have not yet posted the details of these "recovery packages" on, so keep your eyes open for that.

If you don't rejoin, I'm afraid you'll have to pay a little extra to come to meetings, but you are still part of our community. You don't have to be a member to receive announcements about events or volunteer on a committee. We welcome your participation! A good network is especially important during hard times, so keep coming to our meetings.

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